04. March 2019 - 9:00
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APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Workshop | | Monday, 04. March 2019

Australian Public Service leaders are now required to undertake work of a more complex nature, operating in an autonomous and strategic manner. With the added complexity of an overseas posting, this calls for greater strategic awareness and effective engagement with senior leadership. Emerging leaders eager to take their career to the next level must be better equipped with the appropriate tools and strategies to achieve success.

Aimed at APS 5-6 level officers and management, this two-day workshop will provide an opportunity to advance core skills and explore the emerging leadership capabilities required for effective APS 5-6 level management. It will explore the core attributes required for successful leadership within the Australian Public Service and delve into the practical strategies relating to leading productive teams, improving decision making, applying strategic management thinking and developing key skills for stakeholder engagement and communication.

Specially tailored for the added complexity of an international posting, this interactive workshop is a unique professional development opportunity to enhance and refine a solid toolkit for achieving leadership goals. It is ideal for career-driven individuals who aim to unlock their potential and advance their career within the Australian Public Service, at home and beyond!

Group Discounts:
10% off Standard Rate Team of 3 - 4
15% off Standard Rate Team of 5 - 7
17% off Standard Rate Team of 8

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For bookings more than 2 people, please call: +65 3158 9242