24. October 2018 - 10:00 till 23:30
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BCEL Your cloud classroom using Bb Collaborate Ultra (Introduction) | | Wednesday, 24. October 2018

This is a getting-started introductory session to teaching in the cloud using Bb Collaborate Ultra. Bb Collaborate Ultra is a cloud based synchronous learning tool used for collaborating, communicating and connecting with students in real-time. This session is appropriate for teaching staff who are new to teaching in the cloud and new to this tool.
By completing this session, staff should be able to:

Identify uses of Bb Collaborate Ultra to support teaching and learning
Use the basic features of Bb Collaborate Ultra such as audio, chat, whiteboard, polling and application share
Record a Bb Collaborate Ultra session and access recording
Setup and communicate a Bb Collaborate Ultra session
Set up physical space, computer, mics and Internet conducive to delivering a cloud session
Troubleshoot common issues and know where to get help.

This session will be conducted online. Please join us here:
Facilitators will be in the session 15mins prior to the start of the session.
BEFORE the session
***Staff participants must set up their computer with Internet connection, obtain a microphone headset, and go through Bb Collaborate audio setup test to participate online. ***

You will require a web enabled computer, latest browsers, webcam and microphone USB headset to talk and listen.
Install the latest browsers Chrome v52+ with appropriate Chrome desktop sharing plugin to fully participate.
If you are presenting/facilitating a session, your computer should NOT be using Wifi but instead using cabled Internet for better experience. You should turn-off Wifi on your computer so it is defaulted to cable Internet.
In order to participate in a Bb Collaborate Ultra session, you will need to ensure your computer and other hardware are set up correctly. It is highly recommended you follow these instructions – Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Setup Guidelines – Setup info for first time users(half way down the page) before the start of your session to ensure any issues are resolved.
It will take a few minutes to load the first time you log in. Accept any pop-up warnings/prompts that appear.