01. January 2020 - 0:00 till 0:30
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BMX scavenger hunt. | Wednesday, 01. January 2020

Read up boys.

Team A.
Ben Hindmarsh

Team B
James owen boundy
Ash B.

Team C.
Tom MayBe

Team D
Chris Trainor
Noah Harvey
Jordan Sempf
Taylor Burrows
Ben campo
Hayden armstrong

Chillers, drivers, volunteers.
Bon Bon Mckellar
Mike Mike
Lauchlan Willis
Alex willis
Tayla Simmonds
Joanne C

scooters are undecided.

Sponsored by tuscany cafe.
More sponsors to come.

Ok so I have been thinking of doing this for a while and finally put it forward to some lads and everyone supports it.

Current information (will more than deferentially change)
Date is not yet known.
1 Day,$10 a rider, 5 riders to a team, All donations will go towards drinks for that night.

Any ideas you have for the scavenger hunt you are more than welcome to post on the wall, The idea will be listed on the basis of majority, so if 6 people like it and 7 dont, it wont happen.

Now it is a bmx scavenger hunt but all of the list items will not be directed towards bmx, we will chuck in a fair few random fun things for shits and gigs.

There will be rules. but i dont see there having to be any really, just basic.

i want the list to be 50-100 long, long enough so you cant complete it there for making it harder to draw in the end.

Any questions you have or further descriptions you want on list items please ask.

Here is the list.

1.Hop Hip Height. 20 points.
partners bike 30 points.
3.360 the Queens 5. 30 points.
with security guard holding your bike. 50point (only 1 person needed)
5. Shred a slippery dip.10 points (use your imagination).
double tyre to 360. 20 points.
7.3 to fakie the banks near Hungry's. 30 points
8.3 off the scarness stage. 20 points
9.180 the pailba stage. 20 points
10. Do 3 hop tricks through a fast food drivethrough 40 points (-40 points deducted if you use red rooster drive thru)
a dog? 10 points.
12.hop nothing 20 points.
under something 30 inches high? 20 points
horse shoe 10 points
whip the old drain bank anywhere. 50 points.
16. preech bmx to a random 30 points (convincing proof)
17. rodeo jimmy bars for 8 seconds 30 poins.
18..air to fakie the old bowl channel 20 points.
19.hop bar a gooden out the front of centerlink 10points
high five 10 points
21. Manual to staircase lander 30 points
22.do a 5 combo *****. 30 points
footjam whip street worthy bank 30 points.
24. Smack kyes *** an put him to bed if he is naughty 30 points.
of a roof bmx. Must be decent. 50 points
26. bonk or ***** moving car 50 points
vern tree ride Any ***** off 30 points.
28.Get skitched at over 50 kmh. 50 points.
29.air to fakie the old bowl channel 20 points.
30.Do A lay down tailwhip at a traffic light crossing. 30 points.
train hop 360's across a crossing. 30 points.
down the bunnings carpark hill 50 points.(dirt hill near water tower)

50.Get a photo with a pensioner 30 points (at centerlink 60).
prune juice 30 points
52.Eat a raw egg 30 points
backwards and show off 20 points.
off your bike and land on another and ride away30 points
55.Get props from a stranger. 30 points
a pedestrian 30 points.
the elderly 50 points
a swing 10 points.
59.Get sponsored? 30 points
free ****. 20 points
61.Do a kickflp. 20 points.
in on skateboard regular an goofy 20 points.
63.eat burger at counter in 10 sec then walk away 50 points.
64. Scab a dollar? 5 points a dollar.
65.do a frontflip on foot. 10 points