22. April 2017 - 11:00 till 22:00
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Boishakhi Mela 1424 (2017) | Birrarung Marr, Melbourne | Saturday, 22. April 2017

বৈশাখী মেলা ১৪২৪

Dear Respected Community Members,

The Bengali New Year 1423 at Birrarung Marr, City of Melbourne, was a huge successful event. Now it's time to congratulate and thank you all for your support, contribution and participation.
Our special thanks to all the sponsors who have contributed to meet the $35k budget and make it happen. Our sponsors are- Expert Education Services, ACI Bangladesh, Skills Solutions, Study in, Oz fresh, Western Auto, Williams Bakery, Enlighten finance, Mim fish and chips, Bhorer Pakhi travels, Zam Zam Restaurant, Modhumoti Restaurant, Bhorer Pakhie Groceries, SMP Legal, Radiant IP TV, Sports First, Cyanenergy, Cordial Homes, Russel & Partner, ADM, LRSS Mortgage Services Pty Ltd.

Dear all,
Your post event comments on Facebook (Please find attached file) giving us strength to take initiative to bring entire community together and celebrate one grand Boishakhi Mela together.
Your participation and huge supports influenced us to confirm our next year Boishakhi Mela 1424 at the same venue with the highest possible way. City of Melbourne has confirmed our next year's celebration with them again.

Please mark the date on your calendar so that you don't miss to be part of the event.

We will be looking forward to work along with all other organisations to organise ONE SUCCESSFUL BOISHAKHI MELA.


Festival Organizing Committee