14. June 2018 - 0:00
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Boycott FIFA World Cup (if played in Russia or Qatar) | Russia | Thursday, 14. June 2018

For us who loves football, but had enough of the corrupt FIFA and will not watch a single game IF the World Cup will be played in Russia or Qatar.
  • http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/05/middleeast/saudi-bahrain-egypt-uae-qatar-terror/index.html ...but good enough for FIFA, or perhaps just the delegates bank accounts?
  • New hortest play on pont
  • Anyone got Greg Dykes email address?
  • invite your friends. together we can change the football!! #boycottFIFA
  • #BoycottFIFA!
  • Its time to go Sepp Blatter #BB2015 #wasntme #memoryfades #Timeforchange #platiniforpope
  • boring game now this