03. April 2019 - 11:00
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Bring your Dreams to Life - 8 weeks online | | Wednesday, 03. April 2019

Increase your Impact and your Income 
Are you a Visionary ? Have incredible visions but having trouble grounding them into reality ? 
Or maybe you have so many Visions and downloads your not sure whether to pick one , but just picking one doesnt feel right, so how do they all come together ? 
Maybe you are living your vision but you know there is way more possible for you and for the people you are impacting . 
Youve done all the meditating ? Visualisations and maybe something has shifted but yu still cant see how its going to come together ? 
Things still arent clear
Maybe your confused by all the conflicting information out there 
All the people telling you to just focus on 1 thing when it doesnt feel right 
Feeling overwhelmed 
My absolute passion is helping people ground their visons into reality, impacting others and profiting from it so that they can live the life they desire . 
You are given your dreams and visions for a reason 
There is a way it can all come together and you can do all the things you love without being overwhelmed
In this 8 weeks im going to be sharing with you and taking you through how to get clear on your vision, if you have multiple, how to tune in and intuitvly decide whether to focus on one first or whether they can all merge in a way thats really clear and streamlined. 
How to move through any blocks that are in the way of you bringing that vision to life
How to collapse time and space to manifest your visions more rapidly 
The secrets to manifesting that no one is sharing 
things you can outsource right away that you may not realise. You can do this for either no money or hardly any to start with. 
How to attract people to your vision who want to help you , the right people in a heart centred and aligned way
Allowing yourself to receive so you can give more
Fully embodying your vision and that version of you 
Making it so real it has no choice but to materialise
How to reduce anxiety and taking on other peoples energy
Im taking everything ive learned , downloaded and applied and put it all togther to make it straight forward and simple for you 
Often times I see so much conflicting information out there or prorams that give you bits and pieces. I wanted to put everything togther for you so that you dont need to go searching and waste years like I did.