30. October 2019 - 17:00 till 20:00
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Career Coaching: How to sell yourself to employers! | | Wednesday, 30. October 2019

We are excited to introduce you to our FIRST WORKSHOP!!
This session will be bring you two amazing speakers to show you how to sell yourself to your future employers throughout your degree! So when that dream job comes up your not fumbling around trying to prepare a rushed resume at the last minute or left with a vacant LinkedIn page that was set up with the best of intentions. 
We are so excited to be also doing our first collaborating with Youth Lab Initiative! 
YL Initiative supports local youth by providing leadership opportunities, promoting higher education and supporting students in embracing one's culture and true identity. Their goal is to provide a series of workshops and networking events which allow students to meet with university students and established industry professionals. By encouraging students, YL Initiative wants to help create connections and relationships to last beyond the event.
Our first speaker is JOSH FARR! 
We are so excited to have him flying in from Melbourne to talk to you guys. 
Formally an engineer and now the founder of Campus Consultancy. His passion is to empower young leaders with emotional intelligence and entreprenueurship. He has worked with 3736 student leaders! And now he is coming to SOFI and YL Initiative. 
Second speaker to be announced soon!
The event will be wrapped up with the same loved networking to give you a chance to speak to professionals, fellow students and the speakers.