05. June 2019 - 18:00 till 20:00
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Coding for non-coders: what you need to know! | | Wednesday, 05. June 2019

Curious about Software Development? If you're a non-coder, you'll love our hands on intro workshop to Coding.
This free workshop will assume no previous coding knowledge. Perfect for aspiring developers, digital marketers, designers or founders who are curious to learn the basics. We'll go over key coding terminology and principles, introduce languages like HTML, CSS and NodeJS — what their functions are, how they work together—and use that new knowledge to write our own code and develop our own simple site.
About this workshop
Whether you're a beginner who wants to get started in web development, a designer looking to hand-code their concepts, or a marketer who wants a little more control over their CMS, you'll need to know HTML and CSS to get the job done.
As mention this course will assume no previous coding knowledge, and explain the basic building blocks of the web, HTML and CSS. You can use this knowledge to go away and optimise your marketing campaigns, improve your communication with developers or even code and develop your own simple site! 

Basics of the internet and how webpages work
Syntax of HTML and CSS
How to modify the code of existing websites
Techniques to use at-home when stuck on code

Prereqs & Preparation
Please bring a laptop to the class - registrations are limited so please RSVP to confirm your attendance and let us know if you can't attend, so that another can take your spot! 
About our Speaker / Trainer Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahsmithdev/) comes to development & entrepreneurship with a background in Software Engineering for companies like Nokia & Google, and over a decade of mobile device experience. Currently Sarah is a Senior Software Engineer with Expedia Group at the development centre in Brisbane, Queensland; working on mobile apps for iOS, and Android. Previously she was founder & CTO with Sortal which started when her team won Creative Startup Weekend in March 2017 & went on to win a spot in Collider Accelerator 2017. Sortal is revolutionary AI powered image management software. Sarah was responsible for all things tech including the scalable architecture, mobile implementation and deep-learning technology. Sarah is an international speaker and expert in creative teams and agile projects; mobile development and technical architecture for apps. She builds scalable architecture for app backends, and has deep expertise in systems programming. She works in her discretionary time on diversity in hiring and mentoring women coders. Sarah in the past built on a love of game development to create Dungeons & Dragons modules on her own web-server while studying for a BSc (Comp Sci) at the University of Queensland. After graduating Sarah worked for Trolltech (later bought by Nokia), then Google in Mountain View California, before returning to Australia to work for Nokia. Sarah opened her own software company Smithsoft in 2012, realizing a goal to develop independent games & apps. Through Smithsoft Sarah built a team of 6 and shipped word game "Pandora's Books" in 2016. Some of the areas & tech Sarah works with: Swift/Obj-C, C/C++, ML/AI, full-stack, iOS, Linux, Security, Perl, Python.

NB: We will provide basic catering and drinks for the event and advise our location closer to the date once confirmed!