06. April 2019 - 10:00
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CosmoLand | | Saturday, 06. April 2019

CosmoLand uses exciting rides, themed shows, and interactive museums to educate visitors about the wonders of space.  Houston has a strong, historical link to space programs which is why this city was chosen for the park! The park is 150 acres, and each and every acre is packed with exciting, space themed attractions. There are eight roller coasters, three water rides, and eleven carnival rides that will wow the guests and get their heart pumping. There are also fourteen interactive exhibits and museums to educate visitors about past and future space exploration, planetary facts, and basic science principles. Themed shows in one of our eight theaters allow guests who don’t enjoy rollercoasters to get in on the fun and never feel left out.  CosmoLand is for children, teens, and those young at heart with an interest in space and having a good time! CosmoLand has attractions for those who love thrills and those who are seeking a more mild or educational experience. Plan a visit today!