17. November 2018 - 10:00 till 16:00
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DIVINE MOTHER NOV - PERTH (10th,11th), SYDNEY (17th,18th), ZARA (24th,25th) | Perth, Sydney, Nothern Rivers (Zara) | Saturday, 17. November 2018


Following many requests for Her return to Australia, we are excited to announce that Maa has given the go ahead for another Australia tour later this year in November and has confirmed the dates for Perth, Sydney and the Northern Rivers at Zara Springs.
This is a free event, made possible only by kind donations. Tickets and space are limited and thus offered on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for your understanding
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Locations:PERTH: 10th & 11th November - 48 Monticello Meander, Landsdale WA 6065SYDNEY: 17th & 18th November - 16 Lexington Avenue Eastwood NSWZARA: 24th & 25th November - 351 Zara rd, Zara NSW
“Welcome Children to My Temple of the One Heart”- Maa
Welcome dear Ones to the experience of Maa Darshan, where the Divine Mother showers us with Her Blessings and Love. Traditionally in India, darshan means the auspicious opportunity to see and be seen by a deity or a holy person. At our events (Darshans), one has the opportunity to have an inner view or experience of one’s own Divinity.
What happened last year…It is almost September yet it feels like yesterday that we had our first Australian celebration of the Divine Mother at Zara Springs Sanctuary in the Northern Rivers. At that time we were introduced to Ganga Bhavani Maa through her South African Priest Simon and were blessed to experience Her Divine Love, Her Guidance and Her Shakti (Divine energy).
What an opportunity!The program will include an exciting agenda of direct Darshan with Maa in the form of discourses, questions and answers, Satsang and also on offer is the deeper Transformational work with Her priests and teachers.
This is a most unique and auspicious opportunity to once again experience, first-hand the love and guidance of the Divine Mother. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to host Her travelling priest, Simon Mannheim, through whom She embodies completely
Please note: There will be an opportunity to ask Her ANY personal questions in such matters of health, relationships, career and spiritual transformation etc.
Who is this Divine Mother?Her name is Ganga Bhavani Maa. We know Her as the Divine Mother, the seed of all manifest Creation … the River of Life … Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer. As the logo above depicts, She has tamed the lion of distorted power and has Her foot firmly on the crocodile of self-destructive impulses. Her symbol is water and She often comes in one’s dreams as water, with messages for personal transformation.
Maa’s emphasis is on Love and transformation of our inner obstacles, that prevent us from feeling Love and experiencing our inner Divinity.
Her Temple has its home in South India some two hours’ drive north of Bangalore outside Puttaparthi and is represented by Her three Priests, two from India and Simon from South Africa.
Her two Indian priests founded Her Temple and have been doing Her work for many years. Simon lived in India with his Guru Sai Baba doing his spiritual practice for ten years and, for the last two, he was in training at Maa’s Temple under, both Indian priests. On returning to South Africa in May 2017, the Divine Mother started Her worldwide mission of Love through him. Each priest has their own powerful story of how Maa came to use them as Her instrument.
Her Mission is to spread Her Love worldwide one heart at a time leading one back to one’s inner Divinity.
As a group of sincere spiritual seekers, we are committed to Love, and transformation of our inner obstacles that prevent us from feeling that Love and experiencing our inner Divinity.
WHAT TO EXPECT AT DARSHAN EVENTS:Maa comes through Her priests to impart Her Love, blessings, teachings, personal messages and transmission of Shakti (divine energy). Maa generally comes through her Indian priest in India and in the West Maa comes through Simon’s body, supported by Craig Henen in a protector role.
Maa may express Herself in different ways through Her priests. Generally, it is motherly, sweet, soft and gentle, but occasionally She expresses Herself with the energy of a fierce Shakti Goddess. All are different aspects of the one Divine Mother.
You may ask Her any question; none is too small or insignificant. We recommend that you write your questions beforehand as, all too often in front of Her, our minds go blank. She often asks: “What do you want?”
She uses lemons, which She imbues with Her Shakti (divine energy) specifically personalized for each person. She says: “By My Love, you shall know Me”, and it is your experience of Her Love that will be your proof of Her presence. Darshan is your opportunity to experience your own inner Divinity.
It is best after Maa comes to remain silent so that you retain the Divine energy.
Maa is here to support you on your own spiritual path. She welcomes all seekers. All are Her children. All denominations are welcome, as they are based on Love and all carry the same Universal Truths and messages at their core. These Universal Truths comprise Her core teachings.
Energy Program (or Energetic Sensitivities)
Due to the fact that Ganga Maa is a Shakti Goddess (Creator of Divine energy) there are certain observances and recommendations we ask you to adhere to and or follow please. We recognise that some of these observances may be foreign and or strange to you and we are most happy to offer further support and clarity if required. 
Priest Interaction
There is an etiquette around the priests that we ask you to kindly observe, as Maa has the priests (and Richi Lubner in Australia), on an intensive energetic program. Maa’s priests, by the very nature of their work, are profoundly sensitive to energies, and their bodies are being conditioned to conduct and manage exceptional voltage when Her Shakti moves through them thus we ask you to  please refrain from physically touching the priests at all times. 
Kindly maintain participant confidentiality.
We request that you please dress modestly, and that you not wear fragrances to the events as a care to those members who have chemical sensitivities.
Thank you for your kind consideration of these requests.
Vegetarian lunch will be provided. Donations welcomed.
PLEASE CARPOOL where possible as parking spaces are limited.
No Pets please.
*We would be most grateful if overall behaviour be in accordance with that of visiting a holy place .... thank you*
Can I bring Alcohol?
No Alcohol or drugs of any sort (other than strictly medicinal) are allowed ... no exceptions!
Can I bring my children / pets to Darshan & events?
Maa loves children and wants families to be together at every opportunity. She has requested that suitable spaces be created at Darshan venues for mothers and their children to use when necessary. Please contact your centre co-ordinator to establish if suitable facilities are in place. In the interim, until these dedicated facilities are available, we can only offer a guideline and ask parents to assess their children’s capacity to sit quietly through several hours of Darshan. There are other types of events, and parents are encouraged to contact their centre co-ordinator to discuss the suitability of the event and their facilities for children. The same applies with pets.
What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?
You will be required to make your own way here if travelling locally within the region. For interstate and or international travellers please contact the organisers to help assist with transport and or we suggest using UBER.
What can I bring into the event?
Please bring your open mind and open heart. Walking shoes, rain gear (in case) and a meditation cushion will be handy. Also sun screen and hat. Notebook and pen to write down what Maa has told you after your interview. Please also bring 4 or 5 washed lemons for yourself and more if you have questions for others (ideally small and soft if possible).
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Please contact either:Chantale Horst on 0410 263 425 or email gbm.channi@icloud.comRichi Lubner on 0414224 686 or email r.lubner@bigpond.com
Please read this Disclaimer carefully:
Self-care, self-responsibility and following one’s own inner guidance based on the highest human values is core to the Ganga Bhavani Maa teachings, and part of the process of deepening Self-awareness. It is each person’s responsibility to use their discernment and to take care of themselves.
Ganga Bhavani Maa, Her priests, the Ganga Bhavani Maa organisation, its volunteers, support workers or office bearers (collectively “GBM”) make no representations or warranties about the content, completeness or accuracy of GBM teachings and guidance.
GBM teachings and guidance (including in relation to the use of lemons) is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical, legal, psychological, financial or career advice, diagnosis or treatment, in any manner whatsoever. Seek the advice of qualified professionals e.g. a medical specialist, qualified mental health care provider, or qualified financial or legal consultant, with any questions you may have regarding any health, medical, psychological, financial or legal etc. issue.
GBM assumes no responsibility for any injuries, physical or otherwise, suffered as a result of a person following GBM teachings and guidance (including regarding the use of lemons).
Each participant further understands and agrees to the following:

That by attending Darshan, you consent to having yourself/yourselves and your guests audibly recorded by the GBM work team. 
That you will not be able to access these recordings. 
That these recordings will be used to extract Maa’s teachings for publication, either in electronic or book formats. 
That your identifying details will not be included in these publications and your privacy will be respected. 
That you take responsibility at the time of sharing to indicate if you do not want your story/experience to be used.
In the event of no indication, prior to electronic or written publication, GBM will endeavour to contact you for your permission to publish your sharings.
That it is not permissible for you or your guests to make any audio, visual or written recordings of Maa’s teachings during Darshan. 
That Maa’s teachings are for your personal transformation, and that neither you nor your guests may use them for any other activity without written permission. 

In attending a Ganga Bhavani Maa event, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agreed to the above disclaimer.
With Love & Blessings,
The Ganga Bhavani Maa Team