06. September 2018 - 18:00 till 20:30
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eCommerce Masterclass with Mia Plecic (Brisbane) | | Thursday, 06. September 2018

Introducing an exclusive, special evening event with the game changing founder of five eCommerce companies, Mia Plecic. In Conversation with Mia Plecic is a chance to get ****-to-**** with Mia, and find out what drives one of Australia’s up and coming female entrepreneurs to continually push the boundaries. With such enormous success in eCommerce, Mia is ready to share her tips to success with her audience and for you to learn the fundimentals of online business success. Enjoy an intimate event in Mia's Board room. Be sure to bring lots of questions and an open mind.

Exclusive to 20 people only.

This event is for you if you:
– You want to start your own online store but aren’t sure of the 'hows'– An inovator wanting to take charge of your life and execute your business idea– Looking to make the impossible possible and the ordinary extraordinary.

Takeaways:– Insight into just what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the modern age, and a strong action plan to make it happen.– The beginnings of a game-changing mindset to ensure you’re one of life’s disrupters, rather than the disrupted.– The ability to challenge and change, to build resilience for yourself and your business.- The fundamentals of starting an eCommerce business with next to nothing 

"Mia's the real deal. She doesn't give you whimsical advice that you can find anywhere on the internet, she gives you real time experience, examples and numbers from her own businesses to back up her knowledge. Her eCommerce Seminar was not only valuable with information but it was given with an encouraging yet no-BS approach. Throughout the event it was obvious execution has played a huge part in her success resonating strongly with her motto "To succeed you must first execute", proving that anyone can achieve anything they put their minds to if they're willing to put in the work. Her event could easily be priced at a higher rate but she is open and honest and actually wants to show others how to do the same no matter where they've come from. She's the kind of bad *** mentor you need in your life. If you're thinking of going, take a note from Nike and just do it." - Ange"

" I was so skeptical about coming to Sydney from Tasmania for one night for a couple of reasons, main one being me living the broke life whilst working two jobs haha. But I am so glad I came even if I was a tad late.I had an absolute amazing 2.5 hours with you. The knowledge you have about every single detail in Ecommerce is insane. I admire the way you have built your own empire from literally nothing. I absolutely love that you are sharing your story, your self taught skills and tips with others and empowering people who want to do the same as you. You not only share your ups, you also share your downs and to me you are only human and everyone goes through hard times but you have fought back twice as hard. You have given me the inspiration to take the steps toward an Ecommerce business. Thank you for being real and hosting the event I attended. I highly recommend anyone who wants to start in Ecommerce but is unsure of the steps to take or even people who have a business but need more assistance the attend an event or get in contact with you.I have already taken some of the steps you talked about on Thursday night. I have honestly never felt so inspired and I wanted to thank you again for you knowledge and tips in this field and for sharing everything you know with others who want to do the same as you. Thank you so much!*****"

"For this event there were many beneficial elements... 
1. The price of ticket is amazing value in regards to what you will gain from this event. 2. The event had a professional environment in a convenient location.3. It is for all levels of Business knowledge and can benefit anyone with different variations of interest.4. Mia is extremely knowledgeable/trustworthy and provided a new perspective on what its like to excel in the E - commerce start up industry.  5. Provides a unique perspective on E - commerce startups whilst linking to current, trending , I enjoyed this event thoroughly, Mia is highly inspirational and has opened up options for my possible career path in the future. Mia was genuine and professional, however engaged me immensely. I would definitely recommend this event to ANYONE interested in becoming an entrepreneur or wanting to research E - commerce businesses. If the opportunity for a similar  event comes up I would definitely attend and encourage others to as well.
Kind regards, Carrie