15. October 2019 - 11:30 till 13:00
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Executive Briefing: Why Sales People Fail and What You Can Do About It! | Join Zoom Meeting | Tuesday, 15. October 2019

Join Rebekah Tucker, CEO of Sandler Training, for an award-winning session to learn why sales people often fail and learn the skills you need to make the sale consistently every time!
In a normal market you may get away with feature & benefit based selling, but when the market is tougher, prospects buying motives change. They become more educated, more reserved and we need to know how to survive with a market like this which has been through the tough and coming out the other side.During this value-packed, 90 minute training lead by Sandler Training's CEO, Rebekah Tucker, you along with others from many types of businesses, will learn some of the basics of the Sandler Selling System.®   During this session you will learn solutions to the common pitfalls of approaching prospects and selling and learn how to thrive in a challenging market. This session also includes a Q&A session where you will be able to ask direct questions about your business.