17. April 2019 - 19:00
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Fasting with Friends | Canguu | Wednesday, 17. April 2019

7 Day Juice Fast Come and join us in sunny, spiritual Bali for a 7 Day Juice Fast! Having support during any fast is really important but fasting retreats can be expensive right? For these reasons we have coordinated a 7 Day Juice Fast so we can fast together as a group and we are inviting YOU to join us! Fasting together and supporting each other, we will be following the Tolman 7 Principles of Health daily to nourish, cleanse and detox in a calm and idyllic environment. If you are keen on experiencing a juice fast with us then get in touch now. Let's do this together! 
What's included:- Organic Juice for 7 days- Fresh Coconut Water- Filtered Water - Meditation - Morning Rituals/Yoga - Enema Kit - 8 nights accommodation - Personal development - Sound healing - Massages - Balinese Healer - Natural personal care kit - Shared Fasting 'Toolkit" and more
(We have tried to keep costs to a minimum to cover expenses and make it affordable for us all). **Further activities may be added depending on group numbers and funds**
Limited Place Available.