04. February 2019 - 19:00
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Full Clarity Package | Monday, 04. February 2019

Do you feel stuck in your life? Is everything not going the way you wanted them to go? Are you wondering if what you want is ever going to happen?
Transformational success coach Paula Immo takes you from where you have no clue what you want in life, or from where you know exactly what you want but can't seem to make it happen, to where you realize your real ultimate dream and get there.
With the Full Clarity Package, you get three intensive one-hour sessions on-line with Paula, during which you'll get back to basics and make sure you regain the clarity in your life that you've longed for.
We, first and foremost, identify the guiding principles leading your life currently (so that you'll be able to adjust them in order for them to work for you, not against you, from now on), as well as touch upon the strategies and tactics to unblock your path.
After these three sessions, you know exactly what you want, where you're at currently, and how to close that gap.

Book your sessions and get going with your dream life.

For further information contact info(a)paulaimmo.fi

With her business, Paula went from being too shy to put herself forward on stage to now being an outgoing, confident, in demand expert and speaker in CPTSD coaching, Schindler’s Human Needs and a great many other areas. She now has a thriving personal coaching practice. She has appeared in the biggest breakfast show in Finland, speak on major radio shows and is regularly featured in women’s magazines. When coached by her, it’s not about just dreaming and wanting, it’s about developing powerful habits that allow you to live your dream life. Paula is especially good with people who are used to pull back when facing difficult experiences and to be more helpful than pushy.