03. December 2018 - 9:00 till 16:30
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Geared for Change NZ - Christchurch | | Monday, 03. December 2018

Confidently charge your letting fee to owners, win business faster and beat cheaper competitors to the deal.
Three EVENTS now booked.
Christchurch - Monday 3rd of December
Wellington - Wednesday 5th of December
Auckland - Friday 7th of December 2018
Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf deliver a one-day event over 3 cities exclusive to New Zealand property management to equip you with how to confidently charge all new and current owners a letting fee, how to swing them to you using impressive points of difference and beat your competitors to the business.
If you’re working in property management in New Zealand and want to GROW your rent roll and know how to charge owners your letting fee – you need to be there before legislation changes!
Book your date and location into your diary now and we will see you there for this ONE-DAY event specifically designed to move you and your team to the next level of performance with the new legislation changes regarding your Letting Fee.
AU$299 per ticket, special rate of AU$249 for IGT Members.

Session One- Deniz Yusuf
Be EQUIPPED with the MOST IMPRESSIVE Points of Difference that WORK!
Your prospective client will choose the agent that will get them the BEST rent, with the BEST tenant, in the QUICKEST possible time…not select the cheaper agent if the choice is better.
You must have ‘mind-blowing’ property marketing strategies and techniques should your prospect have an upcoming vacant property. Your points of difference must be aimed to satisfy them here! Do that, and you win the business!
In this session Deniz reveals all the points of difference that makes you the obvious agency of choice, even when all your competitors are much cheaper or simply not charging a letting fee.
If you’re going to WIN your letting fee from the owner, you NEED to install these property marketing points of difference.
Here’s what Deniz will reveal:

TEN simple BUT effective property marketing points of difference and value that make your competitors marketing appear totally boring and inadequate and will attract better tenants faster to your properties.

Strategies that are already tried and proven with agencies.

Session Two - Darren Hunter
How to CHARGE Your Letting Fee to New Clients.
To get new fees you must also have a new mindset because your old mindset just won’t work with the new playing field of legislation change. Get this right and lose out on tens of thousands in letting fee income that’s rightfully yours.
Darren Hunter has been teaching Australian and USA agencies for 16 years on how to successfully charge letting fees to owners…now it’s simply your turn to do the same.
In this session Darren will reveal and equip you with…

A NEW MINDSET to KNOW YOU CAN confidently charge the new letting fee. If you don’t change this, you WON’T be able to charge the letting fee to new clients!
Should you charge a flat rate or a fee based on the rent amount? (ie- 1 weeks rent).
Effective scripts on how to charge your letting fee even when your competitors don’t, and how to beat the toughest fee objections like ‘but the other agent is cheaper’ or ‘but the other agent isn’t charging a Letting Fee’.
How to CREATE an effective LISTING KIT that will blow your PROSPECTS AWAY and prove you’re the obvious choice!

Session Three – Deniz Yusuf
How to BEAT your COMPETITORS to the Business FIRST.
Deniz signed up 900 properties in 4 years and learned techniques and strategies to beat all his competitors to the deal. While they were still thinking about it, Deniz had already signed the clients up, leaving his competitors confused and bewildered at his speed! This session reveals how he did it. Here’s what you can expect:

Proven techniques to speed up client trust before, during and after a listing presentation…so you get the deal first! The agent with the maximum trust wins FIRST…everytime!

Gain confidence knowing the right questions to ask before you walk into a listing presentation…so you’re the favourite agent of choice even before you arrive.

Avoid pain of losing a deal knowing the common ‘trust-breaking’ mistakes that BDMs make all of the time.

Session Four – Darren Hunter
How to successfully CHARGE CURRENT CLIENTS your new Letting Fee.
Come legislation change you’re going to have to advise your current owners you need to now start charging them a Letting Fee.
In this session we will give you what you need to know to confidently roll out your Letting Fee.

Understand the three key reasons why your clients will pay more and not leave, and the exact client types you need to be careful with and avoid.
Get access to to some script wording for your notification letter.
Be equipped with scripts to deal effectively with likely client objections and resistance.

Geared For Change NZ Event Information

Christchurch: Monday the 3rd of December 2018
Location: To be announced soon
Starts at 9am (registration), 9.30am to 4.30pm (finish)

Wellington: Wednesday the 5th of December 2018
Location: To be announced soon
Start 9am (registration), 9.30am to 4.30pm (finish)

Auckland: Friday the 7th of December 2018
Location: To be announced soon
Start 9am (registration), 9.30am to 4.30pm (finish)

Who should attend?
Anyone responsible for property management business growth and fee maximisation- Leaders, BDM’s, Managers and Property Managers.
Ticket Pricing
AU$299 per for IGT Inner Circle Members

Guarantee- After attending the event if you believe that you haven’t received quality information that will assist you we will gladly refund back to you the full price paid for your ticket.

Refund Policy - 
You may transfer your ticket to a new delegate by contacting office@inspiredgrowthtraining.com up to two business days outside of the scheduled event at no cost. If you need to cancel your ticket(s), please note the following:– All cancellations will incur a AU$55 administration fee plus international bank transfer fees.– No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 7 full business days prior to the event date. Event ‘no shows’ will not receive a refund.
– Inspired Growth Training, our presenters and representatives will not be held responsible under any circumstances for any out of pocket expenses such as travel, flight costs and accommodation.

All about Darren Hunter

Darren Hunter from  in Adelaide South Australia is a national and international property management trainer, expert and leading industry authority in fees and overcoming fee discounting.
Darren as a Property Manager.
As a full time property management consultant and trainer now for over 12 years, Darren has previously worked as the state (network) property manager with one of Australia’s most respected real estate brands - recruiting, training, implementing policies and procedures and managing 28 property managers in 18 regional offices over South Australia and the Northern Territory. In 2006 he wrote the national property management policies and procedures for the third largest PM company in Australia.
On the National Stage.
Darren presents seminars around Australia ranging in topics from; new business and fee justification scripts and dialogue, rent control and time management strategies, rent roll value and income maximisation, market fee updates, inspections, tenant selection, recruitment and correct interview technique plus many more 'hot topic' property management training sessions.
Darren has presented a number of conference sessions for the Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA), the Leading Property Managers of New Zealand (LPMNZ), also presenting for the Real Estate Institutes for WA, SA, NT and NZ plus also delivering conference and seminar sessions for a number of state and national based brands over 12 years.
Facebook Domination in Property Management.
Darren's Facebook page () also has the largest property management following (over 19,000 fans) in Australia and New Zealand, and the third largest globally, feeding his audience with regular tips, articles, expertise, industry discussion and of course, effective Facebook Ads.
On the International Stage.
Darren was also an invited speaker at the Florida Association of Residential Property Managers (FARPM) in Florida in 2009 and again in 2010.
Darren was also the keynote speaker with the NARPM Atlanta Chapter in September 2011. 
He also presented for the NARPM Texas Chapter in San Antonio, Texas in June 2014, speaking on time and stress management keys to property managers and business owners.
Darren also returned to Texas and spoke to agents in San Antonio and Houston in November 2015, and also delivered sessions for the NARPM Virginia Chapter at their annual conference in February 2017, all on fee maximisation strategies.
Darren returned with Deniz to Orlando Florida in February 2018 and delivered ‘Geared for Growth’ to the NARPM Orlando chapter (the largest NARPM Chapter in the USA).
Darren's contribution to knowledge around the globe
Darren is a recognized expert nationally and internationally and has contributed various articles to printed and online publications including the ‘Residential Property Manager' (AUS online), The Property Management Journal' (AUS), 'The Residential Property Manager' (AUS), 'Leased' (AUS) as well as 'PM2' (NZ), 'Florida Association of Residential Property Managers' Magazine (USA) and the 'Canada Apartment Manager' Magazine (Canada).

All about Deniz Yusuf

Deniz Yusuf from  from Nowra on the South Coast of NSW Australia just a few hours’ drive south of Sydney.
Deniz started in fruit.
After Deniz left high school he was a fruiterer working in his family business where he sold fruit for most of his working life. One lesson he learnt on the job is “There are no emails in fruit!”
If a new coffee shop or restaurant opened, Deniz had to call them or go and visit to get their business.
It is this mindset that has made him a successful coach in the BDM space.
Deniz personally signed up 900 Properties in 4 years
Deniz believes the real estate industry can be operated on the same concept.
It’s all about asking for the business and knowing what experience you can give your clients. He says real estate is not just about collecting rent and charging a fee, but about what services and products you can provide your clients and how much money you can save them if they use you or your services. Deniz enjoyed being an agent and now loves showing others how they can succeed too.
Deniz’s claim to fame as a Business Development Manager came when he personally signed up 900 doors over 4 years in a residential town of 30,000 people. Quite an achievement!
Further he took out the LPMA (Leading Property Managers of Australia) BDM of the Year Award for 2 years in succession in 2012 and 2013.
Again, quite an achievement.
On the National Stage.
Further, Deniz’s coaching clients sign up approximately 300 doors per month collectively, by following and implementing his strategies.
Deniz now consults, trains, mentors and key-note presents to agents across Australia, New Zealand and the United States, through Inspired Growth Training and BDM Coach. Deniz finds training agents to achieve the best possible outcome they can is very rewarding.
“Seeing them achieve their goals or win awards they never thought they could inspires me to be an even better Coach. My goal is your future, as I inspire, I get inspired”. 
Deniz excels at assessing real estate teams and finding the ‘blockage’ in an office that may be stopping them from achieving the new business numbers they desire. He says most of the time offices can be so close to getting it right, and it’s just a matter of tweaking a thing or two. After it is fixed, it is then about continued consulting and mentoring so they can become the best in their field.
His focus is now growing other people’s rent rolls, and mentoring agents to become market leaders in their area.
On the International Stage.
Deniz also presented for NARPM San Antonio and also the PM Grow Summit in Florida in January 2017 and was highly rated as one of the best speakers at this event.
Further Deniz presented ‘Geared for Growth’ in Orlando Florida in February 2018 along with Darren Hunter to the NARPM Orlando Chapter.