23. July 2019 - 18:00
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Global Investment Mastery | | Tuesday, 23. July 2019

For years, James presented for Tony Robbins at his private wealth and business events.
Invest an evening with James as he opens up his network, concepts, and disciplines, giving you a truly Global perspective of investing & trading from Australia.
You will be introduced to people, ideas, and concepts that few have mastered, in a concise and actionable framework.
No matter if you are just starting out, or have 7+ figures to your name, this event will bring you the tools needed to take the next step.
At a time when there has never been more unknowns, and potential risks and pitfalls – you need to ensure you are on the right side of the equation. 
Learn where and how money is being first protected, and then made.. without it, you risk owning assets that may fall dramatically, losing what you may already have… along with any sense of financial security you think you may have now.
This event is designed specifically to give you a sense of CERTAINTY in an otherwise uncertain world.
NEVER HAS MORE OF WHAT YOU”VE BUILT (FINANCIALLY) BEEN AT RISK – which also creates more OPPORTUNITIES than we’ve seen in the last decade.
The difference is we can surround you with a team who have seen uncertainty ahead of time – and prospered like few ever have in history.
It’s imperative you learn where we are in the markets – and what you need to do next to first protect what you have – and then get on the offensive and take advantage of the next wave in the financial cycle!!
This is an opportunity to listen and learn for 3 hours to IDENTIFY WHERE THE RISKS ARE in the financial markets AND how you can turn those risks around and THRIVE ON THE UNCERTAINTY!