20. July 2018 - 13:00 till 15:30
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Government Open Data Meet-up | ABS House | Friday, 20. July 2018

The Open Data team at the DTA is excited to announce that we’ll be holding our first Government Open Data Meet-up as part of Innovation Month 2018.
This is an opportunity for public servants (federal, state and local council) working with open data to hear what other agencies have been up to in the open data space. Each meet-up will be held at the ABS offices in your nearest capital city.
There will be approximately 1 hour of presentations, and the Canberra office will follow with tea and coffee, light snacks and great conversation.
If you work with open data, or you have a fun / interesting / important application, service or project that uses open data, this is for you.
Please note this event is for public servants only.
Our enormous thanks to the ABS for offering to host this meeting in their excellent offices around the nation.
The ABS website has a page with a list of locations and maps for your convenience.

the Open Data team @ DTA
Please note: Registrations close on Thursday 19 July at 4pm AEST