11. November 2018 - 8:30 till 16:00
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iMoveU Sydney 2018 | | Sunday, 11. November 2018

iMoveU: Helping students and practitioners excel as Private Practice Health ProfessionalsAt iMoveU, we want to accelerate and extend the careers of allied health professionals across Australia! Whether you are still a student or currently working in private practice, this course is for you! We look to close the gap between what is taught in University and what are the expectation of the “real world” by presenting the different beliefs and perspectives of clients, practitioners and allied health employers. Our course covers everything from how to become an amazing therapist who gets fantastic clinical results with clients and creates a strong reputation for themself to the insight and knowledge to avoid the dreaded 5th year burnout that is rampant in health professionals!Want to see what we do and what other health professionals have to say about iMoveU?
Topic 1: Client Care

How we think patients get better… then how they REALLY get better!

The most important questions to ask in your subjective to take you from a good therapist (finding what) to a great therapist (finding why).

How to confidently present and implement quality management plans to increase compliance to treatment and exercise, decrease cancellations and improve overall patient outcomes.

Compliance beyond pain. How to get it and why this is the key to amazing patient outcomes.

I made my client worse OR I have no idea what's wrong with my patient… what do I do!?

Understanding the role of manual therapy within the Biopsychosocial Model - what is best evidence and why?

Topic 2: Mindset & Communication Skills

What matters most to patients - It’s not what you think!

How to think during a consult, not what to think.

How to change your clients mindset towards pain, injury and rehabilitation.

Do health professionals over-service or under-service - which is worse?

Sales in Health Care (Gasp!)

Why clinical skills aren't as important as your communication skills and how to improve them.

Topic 3: Your Career & Your Employment

The industry giants you need to follow to start thinking like an experienced health professional after 1 year.

Using social media to be the health professional YOU want to be and see the clients YOU want to see!

How much could/should you earn in Private Practice and why

Creating win-win-win scenarios for yourself, your clients and your employers - Is it possible? Does someone have to miss out?

Will I always “just be a therapist”?

Topic 4: Clinical Skills & Practical Pearls

Clinical examples and application of topics covered within the course

Example management plans of common conditions

Unique treatment and assessment techniques from current and past courses over the last 10 years from leading health professionals around the world

Key take home messages and how to present them to your clients the very next day

*** Drinks with the whole group by 3:00PM so we can continue the conversations and get networking ***