19. February 2019 - 9:30 till 11:30
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INSPIRE - session 2 - Assessing collections and decision making for preservation | | Tuesday, 19. February 2019

Continuing on from our very successful INSPIRE – session 1 with the First Five Forever team, in February we are very pleased to present INSPIRE session 2.
 The professional development sessions will cover a broad range of topics from Design led innovation in Libraries, Open Data, First Five Forever - Early Childhood Literacy, Flourishing in a Digital World, Grant Writing and Sponsorship through to Film and AV Collections at State Library.
 Session two’s subject is: Assessing collections and decision making for preservation
Participants will gain knowledge on correct ways to assess preservation needs and make informed decisions in relation to collections at State Library.  We will look at conservation considerations, assessing collections, client accessibility, decision making for preservation and also go through some case studies and practice examples.  You may learn skills that help you determine how to care for your personal collections as well.