06. May 2017 - 10:00 till 16:00
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International Drone Day - Team Vic Flyers | Saturday, 06. May 2017

International Drone Day - Please join "Team Vic Flyers" celebrate Drones, as a Hobby and an Industry....
  • Listening..... https://www.facebook.com/events/1781890918799066/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1303898433018286/1501493733258754/
  • Any T-SHIRT makers out there able to whip up a souvenir T shirt? I'd be up for one.
  • Is there an agenda? Are there any requirements or fees?
  • I am extremely sad to say I can't make it. I had to push some stuff back so I could get back down the Melbourne end of the country for this weekend, but have to get back up to Newcastle area by this coming Wednesday and so will be attending a camping weekend with 22 friends up that way instead, and won't be able to make it back. I will be following though in hopes of seeing heaps of awesome pics and vids of the day. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!
  • The wife is not apart of the group but if the day is a go ahead in terms of weather we shall both be attending, she just decided to come along tonight when we spoke about what the plans are for me week off
  • Hey folks, Just out of interest, what is planned activity wise for the day? Are we just turning up to fly / socialise?
  • Hey Guys “Team Vic Flyers” Drone Day information Thanks to our fantastic sponsors here are the details of the Raffle Prizes. Admission to the drone day is $5 per adult (kids under 16 are free) payable at the gate at the site, additional raffle tickets can be sold when inside (max 2 per person) Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi $250 Voucher from Drone Addictions $200 JB HiFi Voucher $100 Red Balloon Voucher Racing Quad Back Pack DJI Phantom Back Pack 64 Gig extreme Micro SD Card 64 Gig extreme micro SD card Drone Landing Pad Drone Landing Pad The winner of the Apple IPad will choose an Australian charity to donate all proceeds from admission. Any questions please pm me or other admins or post…
  • Just got a call from a client to work on Saturday! ******** I can't come over!😬😬😬😬😬
  • WE ARE SO EXCITED to have your team as part of International Drone Day!
  • Looking forward to meeting some of you guys there.