20. February 2020 - 9:00
Sydney/ Newcastle/ Blue mountains.
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Makin Lovin With My LOVA | Thursday, 20. February 2020

Hey everyone im very happy to announce that there will be a second "Makin Lovin With My LOVA" party. All artists playing make it possible as everyone plays for free as this 4 day special event is a Fundraiser, all ticket sales will be done with the help of Shane Russle and that will be transferred to Orphfund. Australian non for profit organisation. Last time we did this party we donated $6800 to Ebola victums to build kids in Africa a refuge, total cost was $25,000 for the project. A week after the last party there was a photo put up by Steven Argent of a truck in a paddock with building happening straight away.... Steve's built and helped all over the world and iv been with his NGO for 6 years now. Last time i did this i paid for everything and it cost more then i donated, thats because i charged $50 for a 4 day party. This year ticket prices will be $120 as there are four days of music, sound and there are some costs its not all donation. I have to pay fuel for helpers and other potential pop up cost. Ill be doing a collaboration with Dylan Black Wattle for the stage building and we have started designing already. Justin Cosmo James is jumping in with lights etc cheers bro! Thank you to Marco Lovato for playing a 12 hr set and all the other artists who will please your ears no doubt in my mind :) Soon there will be a link for purchasing tickets and making donations!!!! *** Accounts being sorted out now from Steven Argent he will link in with Shane Russle and all ticket money and donations get sent to http://www.orphfund.org/ SO MUCH AMOR XXXXXX