14. April 2019 - 10:30 till 13:30
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Marketing Automation - Creating a superior customer journey | | Sunday, 14. April 2019

Marketing Automation Workshop
Creating a superior customer journey
You know you need to focus on (and likely improve) the experience your customers have when they interact with your business. You also know that now is the future, and you can automate a lot of the digital aspects of your marketing. In this class, you'll learn how these two objective go hand in hand when using Marketing Automation! Forgot the jargon and acronyms, this is a practical workshop which will leave you with industry standard ideas, as well as the tools and knowledge to put them to work.
With the lessons learned from big business, you’ll be able to learn the best practice when it comes to marketing automation, generate some clever ideas on how to create a valuable journey for your customers to go on, plan and even start building your first automations.
In this 3 hour workshop, we’ll cover the main aspects of Marketing Automation.

What is Marketing Automation?
How to design a customer centred journey
Best practice in Marketing Automation
Ideas for your first automation
How to build an automation

Format:Each topic will be discussed in a classroom style environment, and will then be followed by a practical brainstorm in which you can start putting down ideas, or even creating your first emails! Carla will be on hand to help you come up with real life solutions for your business. No case study or made up examples. This is real ideas for real life.
Feel free to bring a laptop, otherwise pens and paper will be provided for all the creative solutions we’ll be coming up with!