22. July 2017 - 10:30 till 11:30
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Mass Cyclist Protest: Don't Kick Bikes off Victoria Bridge | Saturday, 22. July 2017

Unconventional protest and temporary blockade against the removal of bike lanes from Victoria Bridge.

Brisbane City Council is planning to close Victoria Bridge to private cars to create more space for public transport. We were all hoping that the redesigned bridge would also include more space for bikes, but council's Brisbane Metro business case suggests the opposite.

We will meet on the southern side of the bridge in front of QPAC at 10:30am, then ride onto the bridge, blocking the car lanes but not the bus lanes. We'll stage a brief die-in (google 'Cyclist protest die-in' if you're not sure what that is), have a few short speeches, then go on a mass bike ride through the city.

This is a community protest for safer cycling infrastructure throughout Brisbane. This will be a kid-friendly event with marshalls and all necessary safety precautions.

Cycling across the Victoria Bridge has always been either dangerous or extremely inconvenient. Currently, cyclists must choose between riding alongside vehicles in extremely narrow on-road lanes, or riding on the western footpath where there’s a lot of confusion and conflict with pedestrians. Riding along South Bank to get to the Goodwill Bridge or up to the Kurilpa Bridge is also increasingly difficult due to the high volumes of pedestrians along the riverwalk, and council has also ruled out installing barrier-protected bike lanes in the CBD anytime soon. The State Government has said the proposed future bridge to the Queens Wharf Mega-Casino will be pedestrians-only (not cyclists).

The recently released business case for council’s Brisbane Metro high-capacity bus project proposes to remove the existing narrow cycling lanes from the bridge. Under the early-stages draft concept design, the eastern footpath will be widened, but will remain pedestrians-only. The western footpath will continue to be shared between pedestrians and slow-moving cyclists, but it will no longer be possible to cross from the end of the bridge directly over to Brisbane Square. The western pedestrian crossing is to be removed entirely, so anyone using the western footpath will have to follow it around to the far side of Adelaide Street.

We would like to see:
- council explore engineering options for adding an extra platform to the eastern side of the bridge to create room for a dedicated bikeway, or
- widen both footpaths and make them both shared paths for pedestrians and cyclists
- improve cyclist connectivty at either end of the bridge
- a cost-benefit analysis that looks at the benefits of increasing cyclist numbers in the future rather than simply restricting the analysis to the number of cyclists who currently use the bridge

Everyone's welcome to be part of this event, regardless of whether you're an experienced cyclist or a first-timer. Spread the word and invite your friends!
  • Wouldn't it be nice if the polling included the option to oppose the protest. At least then it could actually reflect the views of the wider cycling community; rather than just support your own antagonist ideas Jonathan Sri.
  • Here's a media release for any local journos who are interested... http://www.jonathansri.com/victoriabridgebikeblockade
  • This is the route for tomorrow. Invite your friends if you haven't already done so. https://www.facebook.com/jonno.sri/photos/a.1456505084616803.1073741828.1453694218231223/1897328193867821/?type=3
  • i'd love to attend however Queenland Rail have decided that the trains don't run this weekend
  • Since the Council has now stated that they are in fact providing room for bikes on the bridge as part of their planning. What is the purpose of this? Other than to upset other road users and further create division between them and cyclists.
  • Get on your bikes people. Push our Govt to ensure separate and ample space for both pedestrians and cyclists between West End and The CBD.
  • Can people walk instead? (Have bike but live on magical island ages away.) Is this a stupid question?
  • Does anyone have red blankets, bed sheets or tarps we can use for this event? We will be briefly lying down on the road for a photo and it would be cool both visually but also in terms of comfort to not have to lie directly on the bitumen.
  • I'd love to come but unfortunately will be working.
  • Please see the open letter at Save Brisbane Residents' Historical Use of Victoria Bridge and have your say. The page is open for public discussion on the proposed closure of Victoria Bridge by BCC. If Residents know and agree so be it but at least people can have their say and not have this forced on us. It's our city.
  • Gotta echo many of the previous sentiments, this is counterproductive. None of the motorists who encounter this will be understanding or empathetic to the cause, they won't even know what the underlying reason for it is. They'll be all be thinking one thing; f***ing cyclists inconveniencing us again. This is a terrible idea given the hostile contempt many motorists already hold towards cyclists, which will in all likelihood only be only aggravated further as a result of this protest.
  • http://bicycletimesmag.com/if-you-build-it-they-will-ride-pop-up-bike-lanes-prove-that-demand-exists/
  • Better bring a motorcycle helmet like the good old Joe days
  • Hi all, sorry... I don't think this is a good idea. Have been commuting faithfully by bike for the past 15 yrs and agree on the importance of good cycling infrastructure...but blocking a bridge is antagonistic and I fear will inspire resentment from already unsympathetic non cyclists - the people whose good will and participation we should try to win. How about a ride to raise awareness and try to get lots of the community involved including those who don't normally cycle?
  • I will come along, because I do not support closing Vic bridge to cyclists. This is an essential part of the commute to work for many people. If it's closed there will be outrage from car and bus drivers over having an increase in cyclists on the roads on the city side of the 'pick up sticks' bridge. Having said all that, I do not think that riding on the Vic bridge is particularly dangerous or a problem, and I do not see how suggesting it is helps the cause at all. The road is wide enough, the traffic is slow enough, and cyclists (like car drivers) can share - in this case with pedestrians on the walk/cycle side of the bridge. That bit of the above post smacks of the same entitlement to space that many car drivers have. I must say that I find that there is no more consideration, and even less of the spirit of sharing, on the bike paths (particularly in peak hour) than there is on the roads. Entitled ****** in cars don't behave any better when they are on the bike paths it seems. On some routes, I would prefer to ride on the road in peak hour than on the bike paths. To any folks reading, who think that sounds like them, quit complaining about car drivers till you have your own affairs in order.
  • Surely there is a better way than intently aggravating motorists. This won't do cycling any favours in my opinion.
  • Yeah, blocking the car lane will REALLY endear cyclists to the motorists...Did anyone actually think this through???
  • We should of course always advocate for better and safer bike facilities; but possibly people don't know that it is completely legal to ride a bike in a bus lane. They're our lanes too!
  • I have stated clearly before that activist behaviour in this instance will only put up more barriers to what you wish to achieve at all levels. The cycling community has won many wonderful pieces of infrastructure and legislative changes but want more in a very crowded space where recreational cycling really is unnecessary and a bonus if and when it comes about. More pressing is the dangerous and intimidating cycling behaviour on the cycle and shared paths that is only increasing. This is our issue and needs rigorous education and behavioural change to make the oaths we already have safe for families and children.
  • Sorry Jono - I can't support this one.
  • Brisbane city council just started retiling the whole of the outside of my uni in the city in black tiles. Despite original tile work being fine. Black tiles in a city. Ok council. Now this? How about get your priorities straight.
  • In Brisbane City Council's latest annual budget, roughly $1 billion was allocated towards road widenings and corridor upgrades that encourage private car transport, but only $25 million was allocated towards bikeway projects. Council didn't include any funding for dedicated bike lanes along Vulture Street despite strong community support, and has also ruled out installing a grid of protected bike lanes in the CBD. Both the BCC and State Government continue to resist community demands for lower speed limits, which will improve safety and comfort for pedestrians and cyclists, and would also potentially reduce the costs of installing protected bike lanes. In this context, it's obvious that we need to step up activism to improve cyclist safety and connectivity throughout the city.