28. November 2018 - 9:30 till 15:30
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Melbourne Law Way: Joint Ventures and the Law Workshop | | Wednesday, 28. November 2018

Joint Ventures and the Law is a business development workshop specifically designed for the needs of Indigenous entrepreneurs, organisations and PBC’s who are considering a JV.
“A JV is an arrangement in which two or more parties (person, business or organisation) agree to pool their resources (cash, assets, skills & networks) for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task, project, or new business activity.”
The Joint Ventures Workshop will cover:

What is a joint venture?

Why form a JV, opportunities and leverage

Due Diligence, look before leap

Choosing the right legal entity for your JV

Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBC’s) and JVs

Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) and JVs

Black Cladding, what is it, why it fails, how to avoid it

Have a written agreement, before you submit that joint tender

Shareholders agreements, key clauses to look for

JV’s & Indigenous Cultural & Intellectual Property (ICIP)

ABOUT YOUR HOST AND WORKSHOP SPONSORIndigenous Business Australia (IBA) has a vision for a nation in which the First Australians are economicallyindependent and an integral part of the economy. IBA’s programs attempt to remove some of the obstacles that may prevent Indigenous people from creating wealth, accumulating assets and fulfilling their aspirations. For more information on IBA programs, see www.iba.gov.au