14. December 2018 - 16:00 till 19:00
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One Can CAN | Friday, 14. December 2018

Firstly......you DO NOT have to attend an actual EVENT!

The idea.......’One Can Can’ began like this
In our local paper in mid 2015 there was an article about families needing emergency food relief in Wodonga.
Uniting Care helped 1 in 12 households in Wodonga last year.
I’m part of this community and sometimes it seems hard to know how to help,
I could certainly spare 1 can of food a week .....a tin of spaghetti at Aldi is just .79c
But would it really make a difference?
I got thinking, I bet it would if we all did it!
So One Can Can was started by me on 19th October 2015 and in just 9 weeks through to Xmas we managed to donate a total of 1728 items, in 2016 we donated 7901 items, what an incredible effort!
One Can Can continues in 2017, why don't YOU get on board.
This is my community, do you care like me..... but wonder what you can do to help? Like me, you probably wouldn’t drop just 1 single can to Uniting Care Emergency Relief.
The idea is simple we band together and donate 1 can once a week, imagine what a difference this would make!
It’s SO simple, you give the can to me (via a drop off point) and I will drop them in bulk once a week to Uniting Care Emergency Relief in Wodonga.

Do you want to get on board? It’s easy, accept this invite.
Why not get a +1 maybe a friend, your mum/dad, son or daughter.
  • Hi team, I’ve just updated the event date to 2018 now that this year is a wrap. Remember you don’t have to actually attend an ‘event’ it’s just easier this way for me to track how many are in our team. I will post our final tally over the weekend....stay tuned. Look forward to another great year in 2018.
  • Did someone say Juice? Oh it was me!! It’s our last week of One Can for the year before I take a well deserved break....but I’m putting the call out for Juice (bottles or tetra) to be used at the Xmas lunch that Uniting put on for people on the border doing it tough or alone this chrissy. So if you want to chip in something extra this week Juice would be greatly appreciated (as always One Can is just fine too).
  • Big thanks to Linda Delarue and her hubby Matt and Voret Castillo for all their help this morning with Troppie, Trailer and people power we have delivered 2375 cans from Wodonga Primary to the Emergency Food Relief Centre in Wodonga.....and boy were they thrilled!
  • Can anyone help me collect a whole lot (2375) of cans from Wodonga Primary School? I wonder if anyone has a van or may know someone with a van that could possibly assist? I would be very grateful......the school has done so well now I need to get the cans from there to the Emergency Food Relief Centre in Wodonga. I’m thinking Monday during the day or straight after school. Please post a comment if you can help.
  • The Wodonga Federation Schools have finished their One Can collections and the figures are starting to come in. Stay tuned to hear the incredible tallies and remarkable achievements of the schools, their participation is testament to the community spirit alive and well right here in Wodonga. 2375 cans Wodonga Primary School 270 cans Melrose Primary School 250 cans Wodonga West Primary School ......more to come
  • Next challenge: 100 mini bottles of Shampoo & Conditioner. This should be easy, do you have any of those little hotel bottles stashed away? Donate them today, won’t cost you a cent but will certainly help someone else in need. As always no obligation to participate in the challenge, One Can is always enough.
  • 160 pieces of soap dropped off to the Emergency Food Relief Centre yesterday, the volunteers, Kylie, Ashley & Tony were very happy to receive these supplies from me. Thanks Can Doer’s we did it again!
  • Wow!!! Wow!!! Check out what Wodonga Primary has achieved so far..... I am almost speechless (surprising I know!), the total is incredible.
  • How impressive is this 6LO leading the One Can Challenge at Wodonga Primary School......they could be hard to beat. Well done kids I am super impressed with your commitment to One Can.
  • One Can makes the Border Mail check it out! 9 Wodonga schools get behind One Can for a one week CAN do CAN drive. I am so proud of what One Can has achieved in only 2 years and so thrilled to have the schools on board supporting our community one can at a time. Stay tuned to hear how they go.....I have a feeling the numbers are going to be BIG very BIG. No kids at school? Why not get some friends or work colleagues together and create a can stack in the lead up to Xmas, every CAN counts.
  • Our soap tally is in....160 pieces, well done team, we totally soaped it up.....didn’t make the 200 target but a terrific result!
  • So many different drop off points to make it easy for you to contribute to the One Can CAN effort.
  • Stay tuned, the soap will be tallied up tonight. Thankyou to everyone who chipped in for this challenge.
  • Uh oh we are a long way from 200, this stash is 52 pieces...CAN you throw some soap in your trolley this week? It’s cheap as chips and in short supply at the Emergency Food Relief Centre. Let’s see if we can hit the target by the end of the week.
  • Keep the soap coming team! We are aiming for 200 pieces by the end of the week. Big thanks to the lovely Susan for this donation of Body Shop soaps.
  • Help me increase the haul of cans & rolls in the 47 days left til Christmas. How you ask? It's simple! Do you work? In your workplace start a Can Stack or Toilet Roll stack, how many CAN you stack? Take a picture and share it on here.....your small action can change things! One Can CAN! Post a comment if your workplace CAN get on board. Families doing it tough need food, our local Uniting Care Emergency Food Relief does an amazing job right here in Wodonga and we CAN help, one can is all it takes. They no longer have funding to purchase items like toilet paper which is why this xmas we are stacking rolls as well. Get busy xmas is coming.
  • Did someone say soap? I did, I did, SOAP it is...join the challenge and help me hit the target 200 pieces of soap in 2 weeks....we CAN do it, we are the CAN DO team! Throw some soap in your trolley this week.
  • The news is certainly BIG! I am beyond excited to announce that later in November the 9 schools that make up the Federation of schools will be supporting the One Can iniative. They are Wodonga PS, Wodonga South PS, Belvoir, Wodonga West PS, Melrose PS, Baranduda PS, Wodonga Middle Years and Wodonga Senior College. What a BIG difference this is going to make in our local community, just imagine the number of CANS that will be donated by all of those students.
  • It’s a wrap on this challenge, the total number of items is 250, well done CAN DOERS. I’m sure the volunteers down at Emergency Food Relief will be very grateful for this haul. Now on with our next challenge.....SOAP...yep 2 weeks of SOAP. Hop to it!
  • Our challenge for the next 2 weeks is 200 pieces of soap. Yep that’s it, soap in a packet, soap on a rope, soap in a box....any type of body soap. The staff at the centre tell me they are in desperate need of body soap, so let’s get on it! We’ve got this covered.
  • Good morning One Canners! Our challenge has ended and a new one is beginning. Find out what it is in my next post. I’ll tally up our last one tonight and post our results for you all to see.
  • Look at this haul! 235 items so far, keep them coming team one week to go and our target is 500.....we CAN DO IT!
  • Some of the regular items donated by the Can Do Team! Remember you don’t have to participate in the current Personal Care items challenge it’s up to you, you can just stick with One Can a week, after all One Can Can make a difference. Since One Can commenced we have donated over 18,500 items.....because we all chipped in, one at a time.
  • Our current challenge to get 500 personal care items in 21 days is off to a flying start....183 items already (I’m counting pack quantities for this challenge).
  • Our Pasta & Tin Tomato Challenge is a wrap, thankyou to everyone who chipped in, I have 30kg of Pasta & 19kg of Tin Tomatoes to drop to the centre next week (total of 102 items).