24. July 2019 - 9:00 till 16:00
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PERTH Trusted Leader Program 2019 (July, August, September) | Perth CBD | Wednesday, 24. July 2019

Our award winning Trusted Leader Program has been designed to provide individuals and organisations with the knowledge, practical strategies and techniques to effectively lead people. Based on the Full range leadership model, this program will help you to understand leadership styles and behaviours to develop core leadership, communications and coaching skills.
Winner of the 2015 Australian Learning Impact Awards (ALIA)
Program modules and workshop objectives
This program consists of five, one day modules that are completed over a 3 month period. The program will address the various concepts, skills and behaviours associated with effective leadership for new and developing managers.
At the end of the Trusted Leader Program you will be able to: 

Better engage, align and empower staff

Set and achieve operational goals

Develop effective coaching communication skills

Develop influencing and negotiating skills

Identify the dimensions of Transactional Leadership relevant to the workplace

Develop effective techniques to enhance Transformational Leadership capability

Learn and practice skills for leading with emotions


10% of measurable individual and team performance within an organisation is influenced by transformational and transactional leadership behaviours

Transformational leaders shape employee perceptions – a leader’s score on the MLQ360+ can impact up to 25% of their employees’ selfrated effectiveness on the job

50% of an employee’s discretionary effort on the job can be determined by the right combination of transformational and transactional leadership behaviours

“Leadership is learnable. In fact, based on research only 30% of leadership ability can be attributed to inherited traits such as intelligence, the other 70% can be developed.” Professor Avolio (Director of Gallup Leadership) .

Presented by:  Lisa Paton, Associate Director
Program Dates:

Module 1 – Wednesday 24 July 2019

Module 2 – Thursday 25 July 2019

Module 3 – Wednesday 21 August 2019

Module 4 – Thursday 22 August 2019

Module 5 – Wednesday 25 September 2019

Course Price:$3900.00 (5 days over 3 months)
Duration:9.00am to 4.00pm (Full Day)
Location:Perth CBD.
Included:Course NotesMorning TeaLunch