09. April 2019 - 8:30
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RAP Learning Circles | Sydney; Melbourne; Brisbane; Perth. | Tuesday, 09. April 2019

April 9 – Sydney
April 11 – Melbourne
April 16 – Brisbane
April 30 – Perth
All workshops from 8:30 - 16:30.
RAP Learning Circles are for Innovate and Stretch RAP organisations.
They are an opportunity for RAP organisations to share their knowledge in an informal and safe environment with other RAP organisations.
Learning Circles are highly interactive, participatory workshops. All attendees are expected to actively contribute to the conversations and analysis.
Each day will include facilitated conversations covering:
- Employment
- Cultural capability
- Staff and customer engagement
We will use an open agile approach cover the following three stages:
       I.         Reflection: sharing stories, experiences and case studies;
      II.         Learning: working as a group to uncover underlying principles uncovered by reflection stage;
     III.         Planning: developing a personal action plan based on learnings;
Note: no formal training materials will be presented or provided.