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Rapid Story Development: Building a Story Roadmap to Writing Success | Online | Monday, 06. January 2020

If you find yourself struggling to wrangle your screenplay's or novel's structure, plot, and characters into working together for maximum effect (or at all!), you’re probably tackling each of these items one piece at a time, and working hard at cobbling them together to create a story that works. And you’ve probably found that it’s not always such an easy task, in fact, “easy” may be nowhere in sight. Instead of struggling with piecemeal strategies, what if you could drastically reduce your writing-time curve, with no loss in creativity, and develop stories holistically so that instead of competing against one another character, plot and structure could work together in a way that was right, true and natural? Based on his book, Rapid Story Development: How to Use the Enneagram-Story Connection to Become a Master Storyteller, this class combines the two most powerful story development tools available to writers today: the Enneagram system and classic story structure. 

Screenwriters (film, TV)
Creative Nonfiction Writers
Anyone telling a story

Every story has a structure; every story must have a structure. This workshop teaches story development tools that can guide participants through the intricate process of developing any story idea into its right, true and natural structure. The key to success lies in understanding the dynamic and intimate relationship between story structure principles and the Enneagram system, i.e., the Enneagram-Story Connection. This hands-on, experiential workshop reveals how any story’s structure is related to and determined by the Enneagram styles of the characters that populate any story. Story structure and the Enneagram are must-have tools every writer needs in their writing toolbox. The Enneagram is the most powerful system available today that describes the nine-core personality drives underlying all human behavior. Each of the nine drives is rooted in thoughts, feelings, and actions that largely determine how we interact with the world, for good or ill. The Enneagram is not your personality, but it is the crankshaft of your personality; it is the thing that drives us through our personhood and through our lives. Everyone has an Enneagram type, including fictional characters, and even stories themselves! In addition to gaining an understanding of the Enneagram, you’ll also learn Jeff’s insightful approach to story premise development and how it integrates with the Enneagram and story structure. At the end of this class, you will:

Have a practical working knowledge of the "Enneagram for Writers"
Discover the narrative engine of your story (required for any story to succeed)
Learn the two key patterns needed to avoid the "mushy middle"
Learn the keys to structuring the best opposition structure for your protagonist
Find the best start and endpoints for your protagonist's growth arc
Develop a solid premise and logline for your story
Develop a roadmap that can lead you into the next phase of development or writing pages  


Tier 1:  "Hot Seat":  You get:  Full Access 24/7 to online class space, all tools, worksheets, forms, instructor feedback in all class forum discussions, instructor feedback on assigned work, at least 1 weekly video/chat sessions with one-on-one instructor participation, full email support and additional feedback from instructor during the course. 
Tier 2:  "Observer:  You get:  Full Access 24/7 to online class space, worksheets, forms, NO INSTRUCTOR FEEDBACK in any class forums, discussions, or by email. This is "fly on the wall" participation, but you get to participate in ALL video/chat session and you can ask questions. There is great value watching others go through the process, so if this tier is for you, it's the next best thing to one-on-one.
No Refunds: Any requests for refunds will be honored by credit only toward other classes or services.


24/7 Online Classroom access — The learning environment is a forum-discussion-based learning system (Canvas) with a robust and easy to use interface. Students have 24/7 access to all discussions, assignments, lectures and class materials.
Video/Chat Sessions Once Weekly —Each Wednesday the instructor will hold live video/chat sessions with all hot-seat participants to do one-on-one work and review issues, premise lines, and answer questions (Tier 2 tickets can participate in all of these sessions).  All sessions will be recorded and all tiers have access to all recordings throughout the class.
Online Feedback — The instructor will monitor all students discussions, assigned work, and online questions and respond daily to all student's input. Feedback is constant and timely (Tier 1 only).
Email Support — All students can privately email the instructor for additional support as needed. Tier 2 students do not get instructor email feedback.
Class Materials — All students  (both tiers) will receive worksheets, forms, and other class materials to facilitate assignment completion and knowledge transfer.


A full set of "Enneagram for Writers Typing Cards."
A bonus coupon to receive 50% off your first session in Jenna Avery's online Called to Write Coaching Circle—(see below) -- so you can not only learn these skills, but have follow-through support, community, and accountability to put them into practice and make them yours.

As a bonus for participating in this workshop, you'll receive a 50% savings coupon for your first session in Jenna Avery's online Called to Write Coaching Circle program. Jenna's program is a powerful way to ensure that you solidify the skills you've gained by having support and accountability to put them into practice.
When you activate your bonus and join the Circle, you'll be part of an online community of writers focused exclusively on supporting each other to make writing happen. Each day you’ll check in about your writing progress, get support and feedback from your coach and fellow group members, track the amount of writing you've done, and learn from what's working and what's not about your writing habit while setting that habit up to be sustainable in the long term. The Circle system, coaches, community, and writing principles will help motivate and inspire you to take daily action on making your writing a reality. In the Circle, you'll never critique or even read other's work, instead the focus is on helping you see your project all the way through to DONE!
Find out more about the Called to Write Coaching Circle at . Note that this offer is not available to current Circle members. Circle members may contact Jeff or Jenna for details about a special members-only benefit for this workshop.
  "My real-life writer's group is disappointing by comparison, as we talk and don't write much."—Called to Write Coaching Circle, Member 
By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to the Non-Disclosure Agreement that will accompany your registration and payment.  You also will be agreeing to allow your image to be recorded during the video/chat sessions, which will be only accessible to paid participants and not the general public. Recordings will not be downloadable but can be streamed by paid participants for up to one month after the class. If you do not want your image or voice to be recorded or can turn off your camera and mic during the video recording.