11. March 2019 - 11:30
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Reveal Your Inner Goddess - 6 Week online Transformation | online | Monday, 11. March 2019

Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” ~Marianne Williamson
Reveal Your Inner Goddess 6 week online Transformation from within 
Imagine a woman…a woman in touch with her feminine powers, sure of her wise self, ready to love, laugh, and to live, a woman in tune with her inner goddess. A goddess is a mortal (of course), so she'll make her share of mistakes. However, she will embody and embrace her own unique characteristics and mindsets most of the time. I would love the opportunity to walk you through your journey into surrendering to the goddess that is already within you. She is there inside you with all her wisdom and illumination. I invite you to be a beautiful, courageous and radiant feminine soul filled with love and compassion for the amazing feminine being you are.
Connect deeper to yourself 
Increase Self Worth 
Increase Clarity and Confidence
Align with and tune into your intuition at a deep level 
Balance to Feminine and Masculine so you can become a Magnet to Manifesting your desires 
Heal the past , including past life and ancestral
Ground into your Body 
Live in the present 
Tune into your sensuality 
Release and heal your Womb where new ideas are birthed
Full acceptance of yourself 
I know it can be difficult as women to think of our femininity as goddess like. We think of a goddess and visualize perfect beauty, sensuousness and many things that are beyond realistic in nature. We measure ourselves by the myths and perhaps even our own perceived stories that did not have an ending we expected. I can tell you these are not the characteristics of our inner goddess; they are far from all the things that hinder our self-compassion and zest for life. Breathe, take a deep goddess breath in with all your inner beauty and wisdom, and breathe out all those things you tell yourself you should be ... And so we begin. • A goddess is continually pregnant with possibilities and gives birth to her ideas and dreams. She will consciously create her ideal life and lives according to her own definition of happiness. She knows what she wants, sets fulfilling purposes, and has the courage to follow through.• A goddess is sensual and seductive and relies on and trusts her intuition. She has learned how to tap into this source at will. In other words, she's learned the skill of getting her thinking out of her head and into her body. She allows her senses to lead her and inquires within for her truth to guide her. She views her body as sacred. She is comfortable with her sexuality, enjoys pleasure in all its forms without self- judgment, guilt or shame. She is directly connected to and in sync with the natural cycles of nature.• A goddess is compassionate and forgiving with herself. She is fully aware that her body is her temple. She gets enough rest and gives her body the right fuel by deeply breathing fresh air, eating correctly, and drinking enough water. She knows what she needs to be at her best and is sure to feed her body and her soul. She is a meditator as she sits with herself and also on the run.• A goddess is committed to nurturing nature. She knows the art of healing. She cares about all aspects that touch her own and other people's lives ... she thinks earthly. She works towards peace and understanding; whether on a large scale or simply with her loved ones and closest friends. She contributes to the energy of nature and teaches others to do so too.Our inner wise goddess is always within us, at our fingertips, ready to be accessed at a given moment. It’s simply a matter of becoming aware, acknowledging this and letting it flow naturally. The moment you become aware that your inner wise goddess lives in you (it lives in all of us - baby, we were born with it!), you open up a whole better way of wise living.
Ignite from withinMore Self confidence and Self Awareness Better Relationships with yourself and others reignite what you are passionate about in life and start incorporating it Connect with other women and create a sisterhood 

Lifetime access to all videos and course materials . You can do this completely at your own pace of you choose
There is over $8000 value provided