15. December 2018 - 11:00 till 12:00
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Roving Tea Plantation | | Saturday, 15. December 2018

The Roving Tea Plantation is a decolonising meditation on tea. Harnessing the incantation of the tea party, “fancy a cuppa?” and its revolutionary power to swing elections, start wars, and bring down colonies, this tea trail traverses the brewing arts and ceremony of Moreland’s historic and contemporary tea culture. Artist Jiann Hughes pedals a tea chest brimming with tea plants along the art trail, laying down roots at five gathering grounds to contest the banality of the beverage. Rovers enjoy the selected brews and an invited speaker discusses the significance of tea in their culture…

Tea Party 1 (Fri 16 Nov):  Baa bap bul garran morrandu (Bush Medicine)
5:30-6:30pm, Parktopia, North Coburg Linear Reserve, Tonkin Ave, Vic 3058
Artist and bushtukka woman Cassie Leatham, from the Taungurung / Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, spends her days foraging native edible and medicinal plants and teaching the ways of her people to keep traditional ways alive. At this tea party Cassie will be sharing her knowledge of the healing properties of native plants and brewing some teas, including a wattleseed moccacino.

Tea Party 2 (Sat 24 Nov): Beit e’Shai (House of Tea)
7:00-7:30pm, Merlynston Station
Artist and nutritionist Rasha Tayeh is interested in the space where art and health intersect, exploring the history, sociology and anthropology of food. At this tea party Rasha will be drawing on her knowledge of traditional Arabic medicine and herbalism and sharing stories and teas from her Palestinian heritage, including an Aynar Spice Infusion from her online apothecary and teahouse Beit e’Shai.
Tea Party 3  (Thur 6 Dec): Tropical Brews
9:30–10:00pm, Fawkner Cemetery
Plant biologist Dr Tien Huynh carries out applied research into medicinal plants with a focus on plants from tropical Asia. Tien will be joining us via video link from her research trip to Vietnam to talk about the antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of a selection of teas and the importance of tea in Vietnamese culture while we brew and taste lemongrass and ginger concoctions.

Tea Party 4 (Sat 8 Dec): High Femme Tea
2:00– 3:00pm, Merlynston Progress Hall
The CWA Brunswick branch President Jane Tomlinson, will be talking about how the Country Women’s Association has been advancing the rights and equity of women, families and communities in Australia through advocacy and empowerment since 1922. Jane will be explaining the central element of the humble cuppa in the radical work of the local branch as we sip some tea.

Tea Party 5 (Sat 15 Dec): Growing your own
11am–12pm, Joe’s Market Garden
Joe’s Market Garden is Melbourne’s last surviving inner city market garden, having been farmed continuously by Chinese and Italian gardeners for over 150 years. This certified organic farm also doubles as a training space and during this final tea party we will be learning what it takes to grow tea.

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