18. February 2019 - 15:30 till 17:00
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School Tennis Workshop - Kangaroo Island | Kingscote Tennis Club | Monday, 18. February 2019

Tennis for Secondary Schools: Promoting tennis within HPE as an educative experience for large groups of students from 7-10
Shane Leathem, Tennis South Australia (MY)
This practical workshop will explore Tennis Australia’s Tennis for Secondary schools curriculum program. Participants will experience a select series of modified games and assessment tools from the following sections of the resource: MOVEMENT CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES Playing
the Game;ACTIVE AND HEALTHY Physical Activity, Fun and Fitness; PERSONAL, SOCIAL, AND EMOTIONAL Promoting Personal and Social Competence. These modified games are framed to meet the needs of individual learners and informed by a Game Sense approach. Practical
Tennis for Primary Schools: Using a Game Sense Approach to increase Maximum Individual Participation is students from R-6
Shane Leathem, Tennis South Australia (MY)
This workshop will explore Tennis Australia's Primary Resource whilst using a range of modified equipment.  Teachers will learn how to facilitate learning in large, inexperienced groups through a range of Game Based Activities.
Participants will develop solutions to a range of common misconceptions with teaching Tennis, by navigating through the year levels.