12. July 2018 - 19:00 till 20:30
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Shifting Emotional Attachment - Shedding the emotional weight that restricts us! | | Thursday, 12. July 2018

Are you attached to your emotional weight?
And does this lead you to re-gaining weight OR not continuing with healthly choices due to self sabotage?
We are all on a journey that leads us to learn about who we are and there is a story that tells of this time and recalls events when needed, but are you stuck in a certain emotional belief  because you can't move past that part of your story and it creates an emotional attachment to something that no longer serves our best interests?
Join me online to help support you to understand why this can happen and to give you tools to ward of the self sabotage boogie man.
On this call you'll get to learn about how your brain can get hijacked and some tools to gain your control back, including some awesome essential oil blends to use.  You will also get to participate in my "Amazing Me" activity while online with me and create your own inpspirational poster that is based on how incredible you are - SUCH EXCITING STUFF !!
So I look forward to seeing you online on Thursday night with me xoxo 
PLEASE NOTE - If you can't join me online you will get sent a link with the recording so no one will miss out x
See you there x