27. May 2019 - 9:00 till 10:00
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Social Media Strategy Workshop 10 steps to your success | ONline | Monday, 27. May 2019

As a small business owner, you know that social media marketing is critical for making people aware of your brand and attracting new customers. But, very often small business owners don’t know where to start with defining a social media strategy. They’re simply overwhelmed by the thought of it!
Does this sound familiar? 

Are you struggling to find the time to invest in your social media marketing?
Are you frustrated that you're just not getting noticed by your target audience?
Do you sit and stare at your laptop, wondering what on earth to post today?
Do you wonder which social media channels to focus on for the best results?
Does social media marketing overwhelm you?

This 3-hour workshop will walk you through an 8-step plan for creating a social media strategy that is totally tailored to your business. We'll cover:

Social media objectives
Your target audience
Defining your brand story
Choosing the right social media channels for you
Content strategy: how to create and find great content
The role of social advertising
Best practice guidelines for each channel
How to measure your social media success

You’ll leave the workshop:

With a clear understanding of what a social media strategy should include
With social media templates to use in your business
Full of confidence and ideas of how to bring your business to life on social media that you can put in place straight away!
Armed with hints, tips and apps to make using social media a doddle!