25. October 2018 - 13:00 till 13:30
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Staff Retention Mastermind | | Thursday, 25. October 2018

How much your employees are engaged with your business?
Are they proactive and involved or just collecting a paycheck and waiting for a better opportunity to come along for them to jump ship? 
If you are a business owner or running a business unit, you know how employee retainment translates to business profit. With staff turnover businesses profit can be effected. Many businesses can suffer from staff turnover as IP and knowledge are walking out the door. This effects delivery of projects, innovation and profits.
As business leaders, we might spend more time and energy, than we prefer, on repeated recruitment. This affects OUR main duty – running the business.
I would like to personally invite you to a 5 parts series on how to retain staff, increase their engagement and involvement, and increase your profits. 
I will be sharing, in this series of 30 minutes webinars, the tools on how to develop in your team members deep care about the business' vision and mission and create a reflection of themselves within the business success. When we achieve that, we have a very dedicated team member, who is deeply interactive with the business, who has an attitude of a business owner and who is willing bend backwards for it.
Register to this series and we will see you in the room.