30. August 2019 - 9:00 till 16:30
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Telephone Training | Telephone Training | Friday, 30. August 2019

Telephone  Training
Telephone skills are in high demand in industries nowadays especially in business process outsourcing companies. Having the right telephone skills is important in any company that offers over the telephone services, phone communication and telemarketing services. Does your business have employees who provide such services? If that is the case, then you will find our "Telephone Skills Training" module helpful.Having difficulty talking to clients over the phone because one is shy? It's hard for some people to talk to people they don't understand and if they're not seeing them. However, with the assistance of our training, that issue can be addressed.
This training session will teach participants how they can gain confidence while talking to others over the telephone.Objectives for Telephone  TrainingThis session will help you teach employees:How to use your voice on the telephoneHow to use questions to discover informationProbing techniques to help with your sale or telephone conversationHow to close a dialog correctlyFollowing a phone strategy that works every timeHelping your clients to say YESBuilding rapport over the phoneDealing with difficult callsWords that will work wonders on the TelephoneFavorable structure and the call system to go from start to finish professionallyMore information on the course outline
Telephone Training SummaryMany business owners and organizations have gained a liking with this training session. It is because, through it, phone operators are transformed into well-rounded phone agents. With the support of this training module, your team will instantly witness a great improvement on your. If the phone is an integral part of your company, you must utilize it to teach your workers proper telephone etiquette, great vocal tonality, the best way to build rapport to your prospective customers.
Aside from that, this module will also offer a comprehensive guide and useful suggestions on how one can use his or her vocal tone properly. By these means, participants will have the ability to speak fluently and clearly while on the telephone with his clients. Additionally, we also discuss methods and strategies on possible appropriate questions participants may ask clients to make their conversations more engaging rather than just sound like a pure marketing pitch. This training module will also teach participants how to look for information from customers without difficulty. This training is available Australia wide in Melbourne, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin.
If what you're looking for is a Call Centre Training session, then we also offer Communication Training and other Customer Service Training which could help in developing your own team. Our company may create a personalized training session to suit your needs and preferences. Call us at 1300810725 in the event you want more information about this training and to have the ability to find a free customized outline.