20. June 2018 - 13:00
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Understanding Placements (Silver & Below) - Mastermind Group Access | | Wednesday, 20. June 2018

We've had an overwhleming response to reopen TICKETS for those that missed the LIVE EVENT. We've decided to open it up for the leaders that have team needing this training.

The Mastermind group is open indefinitely. Commenting has been turned off, BUT the Mastermind Group with 5 Videos will always be there for you to look back on.

Video Replays:
2HR Video Presentation covering:

What to consider when you are doing placements
PO3 & Building for rank - YES you can and SHOULD do both
Understanding Unilevel & Dynamic Compression
Leadership Pools/Empowerment Bonus/PO3 Bonus
Wholesale Customer vs Wellness Advocate

4x Q&A Videos covering:

Placing for Blue Diamond
Handing over Enrolments
Who gets the enrollership and WHY?
Do I enrol everyone as WC or WA?
4th Level backup builders
Inactive Transfers
Entitlement when building for depth
How I got my Silvers on my frontline
Being a Low Enroller but high LRPeR
When/Do you try and put a personal enrolment in a leg that was built for you?
Who gets the enrolment?
Do i remove an inactive account after 12 months and let the rest slide up?

You will NOT be able to COMMENT or INTERACT in the group. You will have to speak to the upline that shared the event with you if there is anything lingering. HOWEVER, after you watch all 5 videos i'm positive all of your questions will be covered.


Confused about placements? Unsure about unilevel and the compenstaion plan?This training is aimed at those that are new to building their doTERRA business up to PREMIER/SILVER rank. You will need to know the basics of what is required to achieve each rank & fast start as this will not be covered

This will be from 11am-1pm.  22 March 2018 Perth time. 

I will be covering:

-What to consider when you are doing placements
-PO3 & Building for rank - YES you can and SHOULD do both
-Understanding Unilevel & Dynamic Compression
-Leadership Pools/Empowerment Bonus/PO3 Bonus

What is included:

Me live via ZOOM for 2 hours. Due to the topic being an in-depth one there will be no time for questions on this ZOOM but you will be able to ask them later in the group.

BONUS FACEBOOK MASTERMIND GROUP for 2 weeks after to ask me any questions you may have about the content covered. I will answer these questions and the ZOOM recording will be uploaded into this group if you do not catch it live.
You will be emailed the link to this group once you have purchased your ticket. You will also be able to ask questions in this group beforehand to be covered in the zoom.  

If you are interested in learning more of the above then grab a ticket and join me

Christina - The Almost Hippy **