13. February 2019 - 9:30 till 12:30
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UNSW myCareer Consolidated Workshop for Conversation Leaders | UNSW Kensington Campus | Wednesday, 13. February 2019

Welcome to myCareer, a series of positive, collaborative and future focused career and performance conversations.
 As a new conversation leader at UNSW, you are required to have myCareer conversations with your individuals or delegates to help them be at their best.
 To help you prepare for these conversations, we have built a **** to **** myCareer workshop, to provide detail on the entire myCareer process (Year-Ahead, Mid-Year and Year-End). We will cover:

How to prepare for and lead a valuable and successful conversation at each stage

The key areas to discuss

The types of feedback you can use

How to highlight achievements, the Values in Action and areas of improvement

How to complete the commentary guide for Year-End conversation

Please note, Conversation Leaders are employee's Manager/Supervisor who leads the conversations. If you are not a Conversation Leader, you should register for the Individual online training. You will find the registration link on our myCareer website