17. July 2019 - 13:00 till 14:30
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WAAMS portal & Employer Incentive Manager training - Online 1 PM | Department of Training and Workforce Development | Wednesday, 17. July 2019

Training sessions will cover the following topics:

General navigation within the WAAMS client portal;

Searching your training contracts, viewing a training contract’s details, and exporting your training contract’s details into a spreadsheet;

Viewing your noticeboard items;

Managing or updating your organisation’s details, including managing your      organisation’s WAAMS portal users;

Submitting contract changes, such as extensions, variations, suspensions and      terminations.

EIS Manager demonstration;

apply for and lodge the incentive milestone claims;

add/edit organisation bank account details;

add/edit payroll tax exemption status; and

create additional EIS users in the WAAMS portal