01. October 2017 - 8:00
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Weekly Mends Street Farmers Market | Sunday, 01. October 2017

Mends Street will be bustling every Sunday with art activities, music and amazing fresh food including fruit and veges, local meat, baked goods and so much more.

A portion of Mends St will be closed to traffic and open for pedestrian activation.

This event is proudly supported by the South Perth Activation Network and the City of South Perth
  • Are dogs allowed to come with us to this?
  • Christmas flavours at the markets today 🎅🎅🎅🎅
  • I have just returned home from my first (and only) visit to the Mends Street farmers’ market. What an incredible disappointment! Sure, there were a few interesting traders (too few), but what is the point of having stalls replicating what is available from individual shops (eg La Patisserie and Taj Tandoor)? I was told that one of Perth’s high quality niche bakeries was forced away over concerns that it might compete unfairly with an existing bakery! Surely that is restraint of trade? And its presence might have added to the limited variety on offer for local residents. Also, the competing cacophony of loud and upbeat recorded music from two DJs, seemingly metres apart, would have deterred many visitors from returning. Why not some live, unobtrusive music from a local musician (say, a laid back guitarist), which might add to the occasion, rather than detract?
  • 22nd October vendor update! These incredible vendors will be joining us from 8.00am this Sunday! Katrina Weston - Strawberries & Mushrooms Let's go natureal BonPussy Chilli Lounge The Good Farmers Eggs South Perth Chiropractic Centre Blueberry Bliss Bindoon TOMMY SUGO ENJO Dejaxo Millstream Kitchen Just fruit and veg Gingin Grass Fed Beef D'tandoor Gimlet Grove Dorper Lamb Summit Nepelase Saigon Eats Millstream Patisserie Rococo Beauty
  • Mends Street Farmers Market is back this Sunday 15th October! Check out below our awesome vendors joining us! Tag your market buddy and come check us out Sunday The Good Farmer Eggs Karnup Nursery - Arid & Exotic Plants​ Mr Drummond's Foods​ South Perth Chiropractic Centre​ Pickld​ Blueberry Bliss Bindoon​ TOMMY SUGO​ Artisan St. Chocolates​ Crush Juice Bar​ Neilson Estate Wines​ ENJO Ultimate Slotracer​ Chris Fryers Wood Turning Dejaxo​ Just fruit and veg​ Gingin Grass Fed Beef​ D'Tandoor Millstream Kitchen​ Gimlet Grove Dorper Lamb​ Summit Restaurant and Cafe​ Saigon Eats​ Click attending on the main event! https://www.facebook.com/events/517591675250521/
  • Karnup Nursery will have Assorted plants for sale this Sunday at the Mends St Farmers Market South Perth 8-12. Plants including our $5 & $8 range, our 3 for $10 range, decorative terracotta pots, succulents, cacti, pachypodium, euphorbia, cycads, kentia palms and more. Eftpos available See our Facebook page for some our our recent posts and don't forget to like and share 🌴🌵 https://www.facebook.com/events/585024701888858??ti=ia
  • We are pumped for our second Mends Street Farmers Market this Sunday! See below the epic line up: Kombination Seafoods The Good Farmer Eggs Karnup Nursery - Arid & Exotic Plants Mr Drummond's Foods South Perth Chiropractic Centre Supafresh Pickld Blueberry Bliss Bindoon TOMMY SUGO Crush Juice Bar Neilson Estate Wines Just fruit and veg Name It Creations by Caitlyn Gingin Grass Fed Beef Millstream Patisserie Gimlet Grove Dorper Lamb d'Tandoor Restaurant Penang Rococo Beauty Clinic See you all Sunday! Tag your market buddy!
  • https://www.facebook.com/MendsStreetFarmersMarket/posts/892812677544361
  • https://www.facebook.com/MendsStreetFarmersMarket/posts/892698870889075
  • If you are looking forward to today's event and would like to keep up to date with us ongoing please like the Facebook page below. If you are interested in being a stall holder please email Sofie@communityfirstevents.com.au - but be quick, we are already building up a reserve list in some categories. https://m.facebook.com/MendsStreetFarmersMarket/
  • Final vendor update! These incredible people will be serving you up the tastiest produce and local food products Perth has to offer! We cannot wait to see you all at the grand opening tomorrow! Market opens at 8.00am. Who are you most excited to try? Artisan St. Chocolates BAREBALLS Granola Girls La Patisserie South Perth Carl, Thee Shucker 'For the beauty of Oysters' The Good Farmer Eggs South Perth Chiropractic Centre Pickld Ol-ive Half Neilson Estate Wines Mr Drummond's Foods Mari bakery Just fruit and veg Karnup Nursery - Arid & Exotic Plants Crush Juice Bar TOMMY SUGO Supafresh Gingin Grass Fed Beef Blueberry Bliss Bindoon Conscious Craves Foods Saigon Eats Gimlet Grove Dorper Lamb Millstream Kitchen ROCCO beauty
  • Meri Bakery will be at the market this Sunday with yummy biscuits, cupcakes & slices! www.facebook.com/meribakery
  • https://www.facebook.com/MendsStreetFarmersMarket/posts/891510841007878
  • We’re delighted to be going back to Mends Street where it all began for us. We’ll be serving a range of gourmet savoury and sweet delights (GF, V and VG friendly). We look forward to seeing old and new faces every Sunday between 8am - 12pm 😊
  • Who do I contact to be a Vendor?
  • More vendors have just been confirmed! We cannot wait for the grand opening this Sunday! Theres still more vendors to come so stay tuned. Saigon Eats Blueberry Bliss Bindoon Mr Drummond's Foods BAREBALLS Granola Girls TOMMY SUGO Gingin Grass Fed Beef Carl, Thee Shucker 'For the beauty of Oysters' Pickld Millstream Kitchen Ol-ive Half The Good Farmer Egg Artisan St. Chocolates Karnup Nursery - Arid & Exotic Plants Sweet Inspirations Neilson Estate Wines Ultimate Slotracer Supafresh Seed Sisters South Perth Chiropractic Centre Who are you most excited to try so far?
  • https://www.facebook.com/MendsStreetFarmersMarket/posts/889560001202962
  • Please help us spread the word of the Farmers market, we have some big names heading our way and we need your help to make it a success. Please click "going" on the event to help us spread the word. Thank you 😀 https://www.facebook.com/MendsStreetFarmersMarket/posts/889116574580638
  • We are excited to announce the first wave of vendors confirmed for Mends Street Farmers Market! Supafresh Saigon Eats Blueberry Bliss Bindoon Mr Drummond's Foods bareballs Granola Girls TOMMY SUGO Gingin Grass Fed Beef Carl, Thee Shucker 'For the beauty of Oysters' Ol-ive Half Artisan St. Chocolates Sweet Inspirations Stay tuned for more confirmed vendors over the weekend!
  • We are delighted to have Supafresh joining us at Mends Street Farmers Market. Their produce is fantastic, and lasts way longer than store purchased bagged salad leaves. They are Western Australia's leading supplier of grower direct, ready to serve salads, gourmet lettuce, baby broccoli, capsicums, and herbs to Markets around Perth. We only want the best and freshest produce at Mends Street Farmers Market and I'm sure they will be a big hit. Looking forward to seeing you there at the opening event. If you could click "Going" on the event page it will really help us spread the word. This is a community event for the people and businesses of South Perth and we need your help spread the word. Thank you Peter https://www.facebook.com/supafreshAU/ https://www.facebook.com/MendsStreetFarmersMarket/posts/886015681557394
  • https://www.facebook.com/MendsStreetFarmersMarket/posts/883962391762723
  • More details to follow but if you are interested in taking part at this event please email peter@Communityfirstevents.com.au or call 0411794286 for more information.