09. February 2018 - 12:00
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Why‽ Symposium | Friday, 09. February 2018

"The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress." - Joseph Joubert.

Symposium - a drinking party or lively discussion.

Come and contribute to Why‽ Symposium, a three day collaborative adventure held in a Southern Tasmanian bush setting that amalgamates electronic music, discussions, and talks into one event that we hope will enhance social interaction, and inspire discussions that may make you question reality.

Symposiasts (that’s you!) come and contemplate, experience, and discuss life, the universe, and Why? in a friendly, vibrant, and delectable setting whilst being entertained by world renowned local and national artists creating vibrations both audible and visual.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are very proud to release to you the extraordinarily amazing collection of incredibly talented individuals that have offered to share with you their expertise and experience in order to create the journey that will be Why‽ Symposium.
Gates will be open for your ingress from 11AM until 9PM each day, please ensure that you arrive within these times or we may not be able to guarantee entry.

Firstly, let us introduce our disseminators of wisdom, our imparters of intelligence, the givers of giggles, those who will be gracing the Kickstart Arts geodesic Coloquia Dome:
Coloquia Dome:
19:30-20:30 *** Parker & Mark Goss - Safe Party Practices and Harm Reduction
21:00-22:00 Late Evening Seedy Comedy
09:30-11:00 Keep The Beat - Drumming Workshop
12:00-13:00 John Noel Viana - Brain, Mind, and Society: Neuroethical Challenges in the 21st Century
13:30-14:30 David Basser - What is the “Good” of Me? – Exploring the Telos
15:00-17:00 Social Circus - Circus Workshop
17:30-18:30 Aaron Thomason & Mark Goss - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Crypto
19:00-20:00 Peter Terry - Tasmanian Aboriginal Culture & Early Colonial History
08:00-09:00 Amber Young - Meditation Session
09:30-11:00 Keep The Beat - Drumming Workshop
18:00-20:00 Wobbly Gherka Massiv - Ol' Gobbert's Bingo with Boomers

Satisfying all of your earthly needs and sustenance are market stall holders and food vendors:
Why Not? Bar - Fully stocked bar with tasty beverages both brewed and distilled, cold and very reasonably priced
Wombat Café - Delicious vegetarian and vegan food
Back Pocket Coffee - Freshly brewed coffee & teas
Alien Designs - Unique upcycled clothing
RMC Industries - Hand-turned Tasmanian wood pieces
Zooetic - Amazing hand made artistry
Left Handed Fish - Upcycled jewellery and hair wraps/dreads
Enchanted Rags - Second-hand clothing

Spectacular visual installations and performances by:
Matt Gunn - Cartography of Experience (Live Painting)
Ali Jane Fashion Science - The Shiny Shapey Doos
Shellavision - Wonderful sculptures and other interesting objects
Lichen Light & Smucklepod - Projected visual goodnesses
Dalali & Belle - Wonderous stage & dancefloor décor

And lastly but not least, we are pleased to introduce the purveyors of audible vibrational experience, and conductors of your musical journey:
Why‽ Stage:
17:15 Welcome to Why
17:30 ***
19:00 Hypnagog
20:30 Mustard Tiger
21:30 Fatty Boomsticks
22:30 Chief Get Down
00:00 Juxta Pose
01:00 Finch
02:00 Sporangia
03:00 CLOSE
11:00 Space Theory
12:30 Vibrant Matters
13:30 Twig Snapper
14:30 Kase Kochen
16:00 Piglet
17:00 GT
18:00 Newport
19:00 Staunch
20:30 Ketatonic
22:00 Max Power
23:00 Shadow FX
00:00 Logman & Pstump
01:30 Terrafractyl
03:00 Reactant
04:00 Grommet
05:00 Psywise
06:00 Kireesh
07:00 Delix
08:00 Fotti P B2B OGP
09:00 O Grady
10:00 Solas
11:00 Mr Grumpy
12:00 Clay Crosier
13:00 Allan Pillai
14:00 Michael Zasadny B2B Joey Kling
15:00 Spice B2B Gypsy
17:00 Loagsta
18:00 Dalali

We hope you enjoy the plethora of interesting and enjoyable experiences that you will discover at Why Symposium‽ See you there!

+++Over 18 event+++

Your ticket price covers a 3-day adventure that will include a camping spot for you to make yourself at home in whilst on your journey, nourishing workshops to help you evolve & develop, a marketplace selling quality wares to explore, seminars & forums to enthrall & engage you, discussion & contemplation spaces to tempt your curiosity & let you contribute your wisdom to your peers, art & entertainment to ensnare & captivate your senses, a musical journey for you to dance the nights (and days) away, and all associated facilities for you to have a comfortable and enjoyable event.

LEARN all you desire, EDUCATE and give knowledge freely, DISCUSS ideas and concepts, EVOLVE yourself to aid humanity, and ENJOY the pleasure of music with the company of friends, REPEAT.

Why‽ - Question Everything

Sponsored by
Mtn Trails, Hellfire Cup, Fractangular Gathering, Kickstart Arts, Spicy Music.
  • Hi Why Symposium Team. Any chance to buy/secure a ticket for tomorrow night (Saturday)? Cheers
  • Is anyone heading out for just tonight? Possible seats?
  • Anyone heading out tomorrow from Hobart that could give me a lift?
  • I hope it's an utter *******
  • Hello friends :) looking for 2 tickets !
  • Hello friends :) looking for 2 tickets !
  • If your heading out and you've got a push bike , bring it along the tracks hot and ready to race ! And dont forget a rain coat and sunscreen because well ..... Tasmania
  • Hope everyone has a blast 😎👊
  • Driving down from the east coast this arvo if anyone needs a lift :)
  • Hello, is anyone coming through Hobart today? I need to get there and hitching is my only option currently. The things we do to dance :)
  • Is there mobile reception on site?
  • Done _______________________________________________ Does anyone have a friend who really wants to go but can't afford the ticket? Are you that friend? I've got a +1 on the door for the first person to get back to me on this post before I leave for the site around 11am tomorrow. All I need is their name and I'll put it on the list when I get there around 1pm. I can send in a message to someone, but I can imagine they're on site and some busy bees at the moment! _______________________________________________
  • Hello 🙂 I have a friend with children that is considering coming. Is it a family friendly/all ages event? Thanks
  • Hey there people my ride down fell through looking for a lift down tomorrow if anyone has a spare seat?
  • Guys can someone please give me a ride to the event tomorrow? I'm stuck in Hobart and the bus leaves very late. Would really appreciate it!
  • Hey Will you have tickets on the gate/day passes? Looking at coming on the Sunday? Thanks :)
  • Wow what a day, the site is looking amazingly LUSH x 5 and we are looking forward to showing you all what we have created for your adventures :). The address of the site is 509 Kellevie Road, Kellevie. Here are the directions from Sorell. Turn South from Sorell onto Arthur Hwy/A9. Travel for 20.1 km then, Turn left onto Kellevie Rd/C335. Travel for 4.7 km then, Turn left to stay on Kellevie Rd/C335. Travel for 100m then, Turn left onto the path of enlightenment and discovery. See you all on the dance-floor :)
  • Any day passes? For saturday. Looks good but defs can't stick around for sunday nor come up Friday.
  • Can we get in using tickets shown on our phones? I don't have a printer at home. If not, I will sort something :)
  • Hey guys, me and my friend are looking for a lift from Hobart Cbd to the doof the 9. Thanks 🎉🎊
  • Looking for 2 tickets! Pm me:)
  • Hey ho brothers and sisters! Anyone coming through Hobart and willing to take me along? Thank you!
  • We are getting super pumped and can't wait to see you all! Alien Designs has clothing starting from as little as $10 and everything is sustainble/eco friendly! Don't forget this festival is cash only. 🤙✌️😍 https://www.facebook.com/aliendesigns.com.au/photos/a.694830704004899.1073741829.691756684312301/694830750671561/?type=3&theater
  • If anyone's heading down on Sunday and wants to get me there with a bunch of funk pĺease let me know asap. Peace.
  • This Fri and Sat night VJ Smucklepod is coming out of semi-retirement to scratch some ripper new clips and hit up the old classics in 2 live sets. It's been too long, looking forward to catching up with you all. Also.... New Toy! Come see what the Little Magic Music Box lets you do. First time testing it ;-)