20. February 2019 - 9:00 till 12:30
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Winning Presentation Skills - KARRATHA | Venue TBA | Wednesday, 20. February 2019

“In business you can never learn anything more important than communication” – Max Markson
Does your job require you to present at conferences, lead meetings, run seminars, facilitate groups and speak in other public situations? The winning presentation skills workshop is designed to take your public speaking and presentation skills to the next level so that you can confidently and effectively deliver your presentation. You will also learn what you should do on stage, how to maximise your message, and how to grab your audience’s attention.
Course Content
 The workshop will teach you how to:

Deal with nerves and control anxiety

Nerves and anxiety can be one of the biggest barriers to delivering effective presentation

Create rapport and connect with the audience

First connect with your audience before you begin to train, educate or inform them

Devise and structure a powerful and effective speech

Learn to speak without notes and speak extemporaneously

Master the platform

Stop hiding behind the podium and use the stage effectively

Make full use of your voice

Your voice is the instrument that conveys your message

Move your body and use gestures properly

Gestures and body language deliver over 50% of your message

Present with passion and improved confidence

Emotion, passion, authenticity and sincerity are crucial in getting your message across

Structure a memorable message

Learn what will make your message memorable and “stick” in your audiences mind

Effectively use PowerPoint

Don’t commit death by PowerPoint or shoot your audience with “bullet” points
The Winning Presentation Skills Workshop will prepare you to present confidently and effectively, ensuring that you have maximum impact and that your message is heard.