20. October 2018 - 11:30 till 13:00
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Worm Farming , Composting & Zero Household Organic Waste | Rosanna | Saturday, 20. October 2018

How to have zero household organic waste?Discover how to compost and worm farm effectively for the best results. Why my compost is stinky?Why my compost become a cold couch potato?What shouldn't I feed to my worms? How I turn them to worm food?How to have fat, tough worms?How to make Bokashi & fruits enzyme?This workshop will provide practical hands on experience, visit 6 various type of worm farms, answer your questions above & a free Probiotic Worm treat (worth $10)

I am feeding my worms with best complete healthy nutritious food such as water Kefir, Bokashi, Fruits enzymes, Seasol and give special Probioitic Worm TreatsThus my worms are the healthiest, happiest and the most productive worms you can find in the market.

Perfect to start a new worm farm, replenish your existing worm farm, adding to your compost bin and for vermicompost and recycling organic waste.