15. August 2019 - 18:30 till 20:00
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Animals, Unconscious Mind and… Being authentically ME!
Presented by Grazyna Witkowska

If you have pets or if you have a close relationship with a wild animal, you’d probably already know how very special the presence of this animal is in your life. And have you noticed how much having this relationship supports you in being truly and authentically you?
Would you like to explore what makes an animal capable to catalyse that sense of freedom to embrace the self, and to facilitate the power to evolve to the better and better version of you?
In this session I want to demonstrate how animals – be it your own animal, an animal in a photograph, or an imaginary animal – can assist you in getting in touch with the ‘whole of yourself’: aligning your Unconscious Mind and your Conscious Mind to gain a new perspective and imagine new solutions.
You’ve probably already experienced moments of utter relaxation (if not bliss) in a company of your pet – be it when you were walking your dog or snuggling with your cat. These are the gateways to trance states, states where you are able to access your Unconscious Mind.
In the session we will take a look at several areas relevant to human-animal relationships and the quest to evolve into better versions of self, including:

What the research says about our attitudes to animals;
Different types of human-animal relating and what that means to the way we treat ourselves and the animals;
Power of the Unconscious Mind and Trance States;
How we can interact with ‘animal helpers’ (process/ demonstration);
Potentially useful animal-catalysed strategies to personal growth.

Come for an evening of fun, take the opportunity to talk about and honour our animals, and discover new ways to honour and evolve the self.
Bookings essential!
Grażyna Witkowska is a practicing kinesiologist, hypnotherapist and coach.
She is thoroughly passionate about co-creating a world where animals are valued and respected.
Grażyna uses kinesiology, hypnosis and coaching skills to create greater physical and emotional wellbeing for animals and their guardians.
‘Best Versions of Us’ is Grażyna’s business name and her life motto. It reflects her dedication to enabling humans and non-humans to evolve into better and better versions of self: to exercise their intrinsic right to develop their full potential, to be authentically themselves, and to bestow their unique gifts onto the world.

Master Practitioner, Specialised Kinesiology
Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy
Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Practitioner, TimeLine Therapy
Instructor, Hypnotherapy
Instructor, Touch for Health
Master of Arts, Wisdom Studies (Ubiquity University, USA)
Master of Education, Social Ecology (University of Western Sydney, Australia)
Bachelor of Science, Computing (University of Technology in Sydney, Australia)