08. April 2024 - 17:23 till 20:02
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Texas Eclipse | Dallas, Texas | Monday, 08. April 2024

Trying to get everyone in Texas to see this cool eclipse. Might as well start planning while the last eclipse is still on our minds.
  • Remember to register to vote by Monday. You don't get to control who wins the Superbowl, or when the next Eclipse occurs. However you do have a say in who runs Texas.
  • By the way, there is going to be an annular eclipse 6 months before this. It will be in San Antonio and Corpus Christi and maybe some other places farther north west.
  • Brenda Desire
  • We'll be there!!!
  • Yesss!!! I will bring my kiddos!!!!
  • 5470 people have already committed to this? I am not looking forward to the traffic! Traffic in Texas is already bad as it is!
  • I hope I'm still alive to join y'all for this!
  • Julie - I'll be in Totality!
  • Do you see the eclipse longer if you are on the central line?
  • Joshuah Logue we definitely need to do something special for this one too!!
  • ill be there
  • I'll be there unless the dude upstairs decides to make his entrance #thisisnotourhome
  • probably a better place to be would be on Hwy. 6 between Clifton and Waco.. more out in the country away from city lights.
  • Ivan, Shawn, Jake, Ryan...looks like a great day for Skydive35 to be open. Prime spot to be to witness the Texas Eclipse...while under canopy, of course.
  • Planning to get better pictures than I did this year.
  • I just hope that I'm not yet taking a dirt nap by then!
  • Ready!
  • I would love to be there but I have the cable guy coming.
  • Brett says he has to check if he's got a dentist appointment that day. :)
  • Just means it's going to get darker earlier.
  • Divya Kay this is happening. I am not gonna miss this one out at any cost.
  • Kathleen Smith it's about to go down!
  • I cant wait. I missed the eclipse of 2017.
  • Maximum is at 1:42 pm in Dallas