30. December 2017 - 18:00
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Decadence NYE 2017 | Colorado Convention Center | Saturday, 30. December 2017

DECADENCE- America's Biggest New Years Celebration

The "City Beyond Tomorrow" once again invades the BASS Capital for a magical and unforgettable 2-day experience.

There will be music for all, art installations, merchandise, full bar, amazing visuals and good vibes!

Get your tickets below:

Decadence website below:
  • One 2day for sale!
  • Looking for a NYE ticket at reasonable price. Message me if you have one available 🙂
  • I’ve got 2 GA tickets to NYE! Let me know if you’re interested!
  • ISO: 2 tickets for NYE. Lmk 😁
  • I've got some extra hard copy tickets for the 30th. $140 a piece Message me!
  • Keanu Hill and this is our backup plan
  • Looking for 2 day pass if anyone can help me out send a pm!
  • Have one 2 day ticket for $260 HMU if interested in saving some money 🙂
  • ISO of one ticket for the 31st :) Please message me if you're selling yours!
  • I have a two day pass for $200!!! Save some cash and hit me up 🙂
  • one day $125 - Denver, CO Selling one day 1 ticket. $125 msg me!
  • Looking for 2 general admission tickets to the 2nd day will have money on friday for them when i get paid :)
  • Looking for 2 single day tickets for New Years...
  • Selling a hard copy ticket for $170 for 12/31. Don’t have the ticket yet but need to sell!!!!
  • Looking for 2 tickets to Sunday the 31st....msg me if you have any legit leads... 😁
  • Hey everyone... created this group to link fellow Coloradans rolling out to the Forest⚡🌲. -Meet new friends -Find carpools -Organize camping groups -Share music and good vibes
  • Anyone selling NYE 1 day passes?
  • ISO day 1 pass!
  • Anyone selling tickets?
  • So I've been doing payments on mu ticket and it usually authentically takes it out of my account but it did not this month? Any one having this issue? I cant get ahold of any one through axs.com which is where i purchased my ticket.
  • Would like to buy 1-3 Sunday passes if available; please message me!
  • Will a paper ID be accepted with the old hard copy ?
  • Looking for 2-Saturday tickets!
  • I have a room that's a 10 minute walk from the convention center for both nights. I won't be able to go anymore, can do a name transfer and I just want what I paid for it. PM! 😀 I live in Colorado so can meet up 🙂
  • 2 day GA pass for sale