17. December 2017 - 20:00 till 23:00
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Gabriel Iglesias | Pepsi Center | Sunday, 17. December 2017

RESCHEDULED - Sunday, December 17 | 8:00 PM

All purchased tickets will be honored for the new date. Customers unable to make the new date can seek a refund at their point of purchase.

Age Restriction: No one under age 7 allowed.
  • Hi Mr. Fluffy, I absolutely love watching you on YouTube. You are my favourite comedian, I have severe depression and in my darkest moments I will watch one of your videos and find myself ****. I was wondering if you would consider doing a Canadian tour, Hamilton Ontario would be awesome but Toronto is cool to 😁
  • Angela Greene would love to go but can't make this one.
  • Victor Ontiveros how much
  • Should be really good show. Wish i could talk to him for like 15 minutes. Im not sure he will remember me but he helped me for week or two when he was younger. Hope Denver treats him right and cheer till they have no voice
  • So when is the new date that Gabriel will be here
  • any one selling two tickets for the dec. show ?
  • David Sprecker - is this the guy we always end up watching? If so, looks like fun! 😘
  • Mi regalo de cumpleaños??? 🤔😬
  • ROMAN RECORDS SHOW @ Roxy Theater GREAT MUSIC. OPEN BAR. GLOWSTICK NIGHT! DIRT CHEAP! https://www.facebook.com/events/1927450967523488
  • Isaac Fresquez do you work this weekend?
  • ...and still going!
  • He's so funny I would love to attend
  • Pepsi Center, I was not able to get a refund even though I'm out of town on Dec 17. Now I have to try to sell the tickets. You need to to reword this post as it is inaccurate.
  • Azria I guess we're waiting till December
  • Destinee Aviado Billy Carrillo Teddy J Mares this is the new time
  • Dang an I was all excited too well guess good thing come to those who wait 😛
  • I got my ticket a last yr what the fu-- is wrong with him
  • Sabastian Deleon and Elise Gutierrez
  • Dominic Negri. Fluffy changes his schedule. We should go to this one!
  • Joy L Salazar Chris Salazar Hope Fluffy gets better every day and that he will be on stage in December!
  • Chris Wreck Martinez
  • Thanks for updating! It sucked getting reminded that I will not be seeing fluffy this Friday but I'm still holding on to my tickets for December!
  • Heidi Jones
  • Better check your calendar because this performance has been canceled. We bought tickets and got an email from the vendor stating so. Gave our tickets away to friends because we won't be here in December.
  • They still haven't change the date on this, and if this is his page obviously he doesn't care to change it. It sucks that I have will call tickets I'm just going to get a full refund.