10. December 2017 - 11:00 till 14:00
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INVINCIBLE YOUNG WOMEN OF ADVERSITY - SOLD OUT | Pavilion on Northbourne | Sunday, 10. December 2017


My name is Camille and I am currently organising a vitally important, not for profit landmark event. This event will be the very first of its kind in Canberra.

The event is entitled INVINCIBLE YOUNG WOMEN OF ADVERSITY. This is an event for the 'every girl', not just for those in business.

The idea behind this event was born of numerous conversations I have recently held with a diverse collection of young women in Canberra. These women are young academics, entrepreneurs, social enterprise pioneers, fierce community advocates, designers, change makers, care givers, teachers and visionaries.

These women know that success, knowledge and wisdom, whilst hard won, is not only for the 'confident girls' or the ‘nice girls’ who always behave well and conform to societal behavioral norms. They know that sometimes, it takes a little more than the old '**** em with kindness' routine to get it all done.

This event will be a diverse networking, public speaking and empowerment opportunity for those women of adverse backgrounds determined to be heard and for those who could benefit from listening.

The event will draw together young women from vastly different social and cultural backgrounds whom share the common experience of having faced adversity, whatever it is that adversity means to them.

The event will be a celebration of the achievements of young women who have already lived a ‘big life’. Whether it be through loss, disease, disability, Domestic Violence, sexual abuse or trauma. Those who have overcome challenging childhoods or misfit parents. Those women who have overcome mental illness and addiction and gone on to obliterate the limits set by the stigma attached to their life experience.

The event will celebrate those young women building brands and businesses. Young women who are achieving what were considered 'unattainable' goals whilst living with a spectrum disorder or intellectual difficulty. Those women conquering cultural and language barriers, who speak boldly on what it means to be 'one of the many shades of brown and beyond' in what is still very much a white professional world.

The event will celebrate the bloggers, community activists, designers, social entrepreneurs, public servants, business owners, medical professionals, refugees, mothers and those young women spearheading local religious and cultural empowerment movements. It will celebrate those women who have been bullied, or are determined to overcome mental health issues, eating disorders or self-esteem issues.

The event will support and give rise to those young women who might not speak as boldly as others, but whom might benefit from exposure to their strength and presence. It will serve those who wish to simply sit in and listen or contribute in their own individual way.

The potential benefit that the young women of Canberra stand to gain from an event of this nature is immeasurable. For this reason, I would like to request your valuable assistance in helping to bring it to life.

If you feel that you or someone you know has something to offer an event such as this, then I want you to share this event.

Demand that I educate myself on what it is that you stand for and how you are kicking adversity.

If you would like to contribute to the production of this incredible event, please get in touch ASAP via sales@.

Camille Young

Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate.
Founder and Creative Director of PIP & LOU.
Founder and Author of INVINCIBLE SHE. Blog
Founding Designer of MARGERY. By Camille Aniversario