27. April 2019 - 20:30
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Lava Blast Oldschool B&S Ball 2018 (is postponed stay tuned) | Saturday, 27. April 2019

Last up dated 8/12/2017
Details incomplete and subject to slight change!

ADDRESS: 461 Dundonnell-Derrinallum Rd, Dundonnell Dundonnell, Victoria, Australia 3271 ((((((Ballarat, western district area,VIC 32ks south of the Bolac B&S site)))) TICKETS: The Lava Blast B&S for ((((((OVER 21s only))))))) if you are 20 years of age turning 21 in the year of 2018 then you qualify for this age bracket your in!So get in early to avoid missing out!!

IIf you like food dye, do NOT bother attending to this B&S is not for you!!! People like you are not welcome at all. But if you love to party hard like its your last day on earth, this is your chance to see how the traditional B&S ***** got so poplar and famous.The Old School lava last bachelor and spinsters (B&S) is for over 21s, if your 20 in 2018and your turning 21 in that year the your in. At an old school B&S and there was food dye wasn't invented that's that!

OVER VIEW: After the ground erupted and NOT drop of food dye 2016!!! And a gap year for 2017and18, The Old School Lava Blast B&S is back to blow your rocks off in 2019. Sick of food dye and over policed rules and regulations at modern B&S *****?Let's wind back to the 80s to where it all began, 253 hq's wb's Hz's ruled the car park. Pre mixed cans was an idea, three finger rums in enamel mugs flowed freely.Black tie actually meant real Armani suits and cocktail dresses! (We are super strict on attire!!)The option to sit down at a table to eat! Recovery was better than the Saturday night. If you're reading this and thinking how ****** awesome, then you should dust off your old ute and ball boots, get yourself down to The Old School Lava Blast ball held on the 27th of April 2019.Details incomplete and facts will be getting updated regularly Details below.............

EARLY BIRD $104.50: are on sale from 1/ May/2018 till sold out or the 30th/August/2018.

PRE PAID $134.50: are on sale from the 1/May/2018 till 18/April/2019..........includes booking fee grog,enamel mug, sticker,cattle tag..

DOUBLE TICKET $250.00:are on sale from the 1/May/2018 till 18/April/2019..........includes booking fee grog,enamel mug, sticker,cattle tag.

$1000.00 TICKET 12 PEOPLE is on sale from the 1/May/2018 till 18/April/2019..........includes booking fee grog,enamel mug, sticker,cattle tag.

GATE PRICE $164.50 eft or $150.00 cash , OPTION ONLY! PLEASE NOTE GATE TICKET does NOT include an enamel mug or sticker as the delivery comes weeks before the ball! We highly recommend to purchase pre paid to save cash.All tickets are non refundable, if you purchase a repaid or early bird or any other ticket and can't go we will NOT refund your ticket. please make sure you can attend before making your purchase.Please do NOT ask for discounted tickets as refusal may offend. We do not offer any discounted tickets, other than what has been specified in this documentation or promotions! We realise that is not the ideal situation for everyone! We have too be fair across the board otherwise it will open a can of worms. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

$$$ FREE CASH $$ ....We are trying to get a Kingswood car park on the go for a photo shoot, so If you rock up in your old HQ, HJ, HZ or WB or a ford made between 73-84 to The Old School Lava Blast B&S Ball, we will throw $10 bucks your way at the gate, we want to see as many of the old ball utes as possible!

—FRIDAY-- GATE TIMES ONLY: open7pm-close10pm unofficial, casual & B.Y.O!!!! We really encouraged everyone to take advantage of free Friday night camping if you want to make a week end of it. These times are just a guide as we have to for-fill council planing permit requirements!

....SATURDAY....GATE TIMES ONLY: gates officially open after 10.30am Saturday morning until late or till no longer required! After this time anyone in the Nude Bear Event Management-The Old School Lava Blast ball sight must have a cattle tag as proof of entry! These times are just a guide as we have to for-fill council planing permit requirements

SATURDAY NIGHT FOOD: Saturday night,mains served between 8 pm-10pm sharp.Platted Cold roast meats, beef and pork, potato salad and paster salad.Snags available all night until no longer required. All served in a separate dining tent from the main area. ENTERTAINMENT/BANDS: Saturday night Silverstring Outlaws will open up with country, 70s 80s 90s rock at 8pm till late. Sunday DSL Entertainment (DJ) will playing all of your favourites! Subject to change...

AlCOHOL: NO CANS will be served, properly accurately measured alcohol in mixed up drinks in cups only! Bundaberg rum, Beer, Jim Beam, wine&oj, vodka&raz and some sugar free drinks provided upon request! FREE BOTTED WATER: is available for the duration of the Old School Lava Blast B&S

RECOVERY: Sundy shenanigans kick off around 930 ish. An awesome recovery is only possible by everyone getting amongst it and being involved in all of the activities which include mud pit, **** tricks, wet tee shirt comp, iron gut and or any kind of drinking games it's all up to the crowd on the day. (And no crappy weather this year pweeeease) We are thinking of having a muck around sports shear... Anything can happen lol SUNDAY BREAKIE: Available after 8ish Eggs, bacon,chocolate milk and OJ. Also a private Expresso coffee trailer will be on site if you feel the need to purchase a real coffee.

HOUSE KEEPING: The old school Lava Blast Bachelor and spinsters ball is your event! Please help the committee run this event smoothly so it can continually running for years to come! Please don't bring glass. Please remember the ball site is only ours for a night! It belongs to a generous farmer that uses it for stock throughout the year. Make sure you bring along a cold can of beer or rum. Pleave the glass at home and put all your spirits into plastic bottles! We will also be working with security at the gate to ensure a total food dye blanket ban remains!!!!

CAR PARK RULES: The moment you enter the grounds of the Lava Blast B&S you have to have had your paid entry and have wrist band on at all times! Security will be checking regularly. Please check disclaimer and terms and conditions of entry at the bottom of the page!

TOTAL FOOD DYE BLAKET BAN in 2016 patrons were astonished as we stamped our name in history with not a drop of food dye anywhere to be seen for the duration of the weekend. Making us the only B&S ball successful policed total food die blanket ban B&S currently in existence!!! If you like food dye we do NOT bother to attend to this B&S is not for you!!! People like you are not welcome at all. But if you love to party hard like its your last day on earth, we are giving you the rare chance to see how B&S ***** got so famous! ! We just do not tolerate food dye and that's that! End of story!! At a traditional B&S food die just didn’t Exist! There will undercover people constantly walking around to look out for food dye! (Self policing on this topic is encouraged!)If you are found not to comply, you will be black banned for 25 years and ejected immediately!!!! This is to ensure you never attend this event ever ever again!!!!!! No refunds!!! Details next line!

TOW TRUCK FOR FOOD DYE DICKHEADS : this year we will have a tow truck on stand by for brainless dumb people that bring food dye! Anyone that brings food dye is a ********!!! Are you a ********??? If you have food die in your possession on you or around close proximity ,you will be ejected immediately, not only from the car park but off the property and ball site at its entirety! Mark my words you will be black banned for 25 years, named, shamed and tow truck will tow you and your ute and tow you to Derrinallum. From there you'll have to find your own way home! We couldn’t give a shxt how far you traveled that’s your fault, your problem! We will NOT, DO NOT tolerate you or food dye in any way shape or form!!! THESE FOOD DYE RULES only apply to The Old School Lava Blast Bachelor and spinsters ball. Other events run by Nude Bear Event Management rules and condition of entry change depending on the event! We have surveillance cameras in the ball site to study

KEY BANGING & NOTE CHECKS: V8 notes checks are encouraged but please supply your own fire extinguisher for this actitive, safety first!!! PLEASE NOTE : it's a great idea not to embarrass yourself and annoying everyone around you by revving your 6 cylinder!!!!! There's nothing wrong with driving a six! By golly we have all owned one at some point. The key is,don't advertise what you ant got!!!! NO V8 NO revving! Everyone but you thinks it sounds like your mums vacuum cleaner!!! $5.00 FINES will be issued for revving hover sounding fart box! All proceeds go to the CFA. !

ILLEGAL CIRCLE WORK: is forbidden in the main car park area. Police and Security will be keeping an eye on any one doing the wrong thing!! Police will be be enforcing penalty notices as normal road rules apply .We have to keep everyone safe! HOWEVER we do have a motorcarna corse that costs $5 to enter (all proceeds go to the CFA)you can enter to test you driving skills and ability!!! Prizes may be awarded.

FIRES: (depending on the season) are only permitted in fire drums, we will supply some wood but wouldn't hurt to bring your own just as a top up!

MUST READ: Disclaimer, terms and conditions of entry: The Lava Blast B&S ball is run by a private company that run and help with charity events under the name of Nude Bear Event management. Nude Bear Event management has over 10 years experience. We have been running private and public events for more than five years! Our main aim is for everyone to have heaps of fun and shenanigans safely!!!! Nude Bear Event Management takes no responsibility for harm or permanent injury that may occur before, on or for duration of this event or activities attached. Nude Bear Event management reserves the right to use all onsite video servalence for your safety and promotional purposes.When you purchase a ticket you automatically agree to all terms and conditions...........

Where does my $$$money go???? The Old School Lava Blast Bachelor & spinsters ball committee is made up of extremely passionate B&S barrens(that are %100 community minded and goal orientated)The Lava Blast B&S is for YOU to have the opportunity to go a ball the way it use to be! This is YOUR event for YOU to enjoy! This is the main reason why we are running it!!! So if your still worried about where the money goes then you missed the boat! If nothing positive to say please keep to yourself we will not reply to total negativity !!!!, read the next line! If an event that is run by Nude Bear Event Management makes money over and above costs we will donate monies to the charities of that area! The charities will be differ and so will monies donated depending on funds available!