13. June 2020 - 14:30 till 17:30
Devonport, East Devonport
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DEVONPORT - REIKI Small Group | Saturday, 13. June 2020

Do yourself a favour and join a small group for a Reiki 1 Attunement. After the activation you will be able to do Reiki on yourself and your loved ones - for the rest of your life! Reiki yourself, other people and even your pets. Reiki your food, plants or anything that is living. Reiki is a wonderful skill to have!

Wendy Bishop will run the session, sharing the history of Reiki, how to use it in daily life and the all the benefits of using this alternative healing modality. Easy to learn and use, this is the one natural therapy that everyone needs!

Reiki allows you to access more energy whenever you want and feel more connected and balanced in life.

Perfect for stress management and relaxation as well as over all healing on all levels.

Fantastic for parents of young children and very supportive for teenagers.

Whatever the age, Reiki is for everyone, especially beneficial for parents of young children as it helps to settle and calm them. 

Light refreshments will be provided.

Here is what people are saying-

"I had my reiki attunement with Wendy about two months ago and have since been using it on myself, my family and my pets. With my family going through a stressful time it has provided comfort on so many levels. Giving reiki to my dad who has been unwell has been both comforting for me and healing for him. My brother (a skeptic) was surprised to find relief in his ankle after I gave him reiki for 10 minutes, on a pain he’d had for days. I have more control than ever over my emotions and anxiety. Reiki seems to have enhanced my ability to connect with myself and tune into my own energy, how to re-ground when my head feels like a battlefield. Thank you Wendy, you have genuinely changed my life." -  Georgia B, Kingston 

“After our family having Reiki it truly has changed our lives forever and as a mother I am ever so grateful. My oldest daughter had chronic insomnia but since our Reiki, being taught how we can use it daily my daughter s insomnia has eighty percent improved.My youngest daughter has also had major improvements knowing how to protect herself from negative people. For myself it has improved my life dramatically as I use it for chronic pain. My husband was extremely sceptical of it but now uses it daily for lower back pain. My reason for writing about our experience with Wendy is because it has changed so much of our lives……You will love the knowledge Wendy Bishop has and she has a loving caring nature. You truly have nothing to lose but lots to gain.”  - Deb S, Kingston