19. August 2017 - 20:30 till 23:59
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Joseph Calleja Concert 2017 with Andrea Bocelli | Fosos, Floriana | Saturday, 19. August 2017

2017 marks the 20th Anniversary of Joseph Calleja’s public debut in the world of opera. To commemorate this occasion, NnG Promotions are proud to announce world renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli as special guest for the annual Joseph Calleja Calleja Concert

The Joseph Calleja 20th Anniversary Concert will be held on the 19th August 2017 at The Granaries in Floriana with the participation of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and the BOV Joseph Calleja Children’s Choir under the direction of Gillian Zammit.

Seated tickets will be available from Thursday 22nd December at 16:00 with tickets starting from €80 at www.showshappening.com or ticket Freephone 7926 5066.

The concert is supported by Bank of Valletta, the Malta Tourism Authority, the Government of Malta and Gasan Mamo.
  • Looking forward to this weekend's concert. :-)
  • 2 tickets for sale for Joseph Calleja and Andrea Bocelli Concert. Each ticket costs €80. Pm if interested 🙂
  • I have 2 tickets for sale for Joseph Calleja Concert 2017 with Andrea Bocelli. We cannot attend due to unforeseen events. The tickets are in the Gold section and are being sold at **** value EUR 140 per ticket.
  • Its a very nice thingto do in malta
  • JY
  • Apart from the different seating zones, is there any other differences between the ticket levels, e.g. Does the platinum or Gold include some VIP Bar, etc?
  • Will there be the normal standing section pls?
  • Just received my tks
  • Yes
  • Dear Joseph Calleja...You are my hero...To hear you perform with Andre Bocelli, is my dream come true...May i ask if theres any disabled facillities available please.. Thank you very much...By the way, i saw your impromptu rendition on a certain Air Malta flight..Never forgotten...Thank you very much. Maestro...x
  • Been waiting 2yrs to hear Joseph sing just booked my tickets it's a dream come true for me
  • Tickets are now on sale from https://www.showshappening.com/nng/Joseph-Calleja-20th-Anniversary-Concert Ticket Hotline is 7926 5066
  • Please advise as the poster says 19th and your event says 20th. Thanks
  • let us hope and keep our fingers crossed that this concert will be mainly calleja and bocelli and nothing else... it gets disappointing every year.. always kept waiting until 10.30pm to enjoy what all of us pays to enjoy hearing...
  • Tickets are now on pre-sale. Please subscribe to www.nngpromotions.com and you will receive the url to be able to purchase tickets. Pre-sale is valid until Thursday 22nd December @ 1600